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Has : حس

1. Olfaction, Olfactory Modality, Sense Of Smell, Smell : سونگھنے کا عمل - حس : (noun) the faculty that enables us to distinguish scents.

2. Antenna, Feeler : حس : (noun) sensitivity similar to that of a receptor organ.

3. Sense : حس : (noun) a natural appreciation or ability.

Zehni Salahiyat : Faculty : one of the inherent cognitive or perceptual powers of the mind.

Mehak, Kushbo, Etar : Scent : a distinctive odor that is pleasant. "I love the fragrance of rose"

Kisi Tailimi Aa..., Amla, School Staf : Faculty : the body of teachers and administrators at a school. "The dean addressed the letter to the entire staff of the university"

Ek Bhari Tabkar... : U : a heavy toxic silvery-white radioactive metallic element; occurs in many isotopes; used for nuclear fuels and nuclear weapons.

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