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Hawaii Volcanoes National Park meaning in Urdu

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Sentence

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is celebrating its Centennial in 2016.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Definitions

1) Hawaii Volcanoes National Park : ہوائی کا پارک : (noun) a national park in Hawaii featuring active volcanoes.


Useful Words

Hot Springs National Park : امریکی قصبے کی تفریح گاہ , Acadia National Park : امریکی قومی پارک , Denali National Park : امریکا میں واقع ایک پارک , Hilo : ہوائی شہر کا قصبہ , Volcanic : آتش فشانی , Sulfur Dioxide : ایک بے رنگ گیس بھاری دم گہونٹنے والی اور پانی میں حل ہو جاتی ھے , Molokai : ہوائی کا جزیرہ , Hawaii : جزیرہ ہوائی , Capital Of Hawaii : ہونو لولو شہر , Hawaiian : جزیرہ ہوائی کا , Dolphin : ڈولفن , Scenic Railway : تفریحی ریل , Amusement Park : تفریحی پارک , Gangnam Style : گنگنم اسٹائل , Hawaii Standard Time : ہوائی کا معیاری وقت , Union Flag : برطانیہ کا قومی جھنڈا , Autarchy : خود کفالت , Nationalise : قومی ملکیت میں لینا , Honiara : ہونائرہ شہر , American Flag : امریکا کا پرچم , Mazurka : ہالینڈ کا رقص , National Leader : دانا سیاست دان , National : قومی , General Election : عام انتخابات , Realtor : جائیداد کی خرید و فروخت میں ایک دلال , Sensitive : حساس , Comptroller Of The Currency : امریکی قومی بینکوں کا سرپرست , Plebiscite : مجلس عوام , Assimilation : معاشرتی ہم آہنگی , Separationist : علیحدگی پسند , Multiculturalism : کثیرالثقافتی معاشرہ

Useful Words Definitions

Hot Springs National Park: a national park in Arkansas featuring ancient hot springs; bathing is said to have therapeutic effects.

Acadia National Park: a national park in Maine showing marine erosion and glaciation; includes seashore and also the highest point on the Atlantic coast.

Denali National Park: a large national park in Alaska having peaks of the Alaska Range (including Mount McKinley) and the huge Denali fault.

Hilo: a town in Hawaii on the island of Hawaii.

Volcanic: relating to or produced by or consisting of volcanoes.

Sulfur Dioxide: a colorless toxic gas (SO2) that occurs in the gases from volcanoes; used in many manufacturing processes and present in industrial emissions; causes acid rain.

Molokai: an island of central Hawaii (between Maui and Oahu).

Hawaii: the largest and southernmost of the Hawaii islands; has several volcanic peaks.

Capital Of Hawaii: the capital and largest city of Hawaii; located on a large bay on the island of Oahu.

Hawaiian: of or relating to or characteristic of the state or island of Hawaii or to the people or culture or language.

Dolphin: large slender food and game fish widely distributed in warm seas (especially around Hawaii).

Scenic Railway: small railway in an amusement park.

Amusement Park: a commercially operated park with stalls and shows for amusement.

Gangnam Style: Very famed South Korean pop song, sung by Park Jae-sang who`s stage name is PSY.

Hawaii Standard Time: standard time in the 10th time zone west of Greenwich, reckoned at the 150th meridian west; used in Hawaii and the western Aleutian Islands.

Union Flag: national flag of the United Kingdom.

Autarchy: economic independence as a national policy.

Nationalise: make national in character or scope.

Honiara: national capital of Solomon Islands.

American Flag: the national flag of the United States of America.

Mazurka: a Polish national dance in triple time.

National Leader: a man who is a respected leader in national or international affairs.

National: owned or maintained for the public by the national government.

General Election: a national or state election; candidates are chosen in all constituencies.

Realtor: a real estate agent who is a member of the National Association of Realtors.

Sensitive: of or pertaining to classified information or matters affecting national security.

Comptroller Of The Currency: a United States federal official who regulates the national banks.

Plebiscite: a vote by the electorate determining public opinion on a question of national importance.

Assimilation: the state of being assimilated; people of different backgrounds come to see themselves as part of a larger national family.

Separationist: an advocate of secession or separation from a larger group (such as an established church or a national union).

Multiculturalism: the doctrine that several different cultures (rather than one national culture) can coexist peacefully and equitably in a single country.

Related Words

Aloha State : ہوائی امریکی ریاست

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