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Head Of Hair meaning in Urdu

Head Of Hair Sentence

He has a fine head of hair.

Head Of Hair Synonym

Head Of Hair Definitions

1) Head Of Hair, Mane : سر کے بال : (noun) growth of hair covering the scalp of a human head.


Useful Words

Wig : بال ٹوپی , Baldness : گنجا پن , Queue : چوٹی , Bald : گنجا ہونا , Scalp Lock : بالوں کا گچھا , Hair : بال , Coat : جانورں کی کھال , Alopecia : گنجا پن , Horsehair : گھوڑے کے بال , Cowlick : لٹ , Aba : جانور کے بالوں سے بنا کپڑا , Part : مانگ , Down : ملائم بال , Pin Curl : زنانہ پن کے ذریعے باندھی جانے والا لٹ , Acoustic Nerve : کان کی رگ , Coif : بال سنوارنا عورتوں وغیرہ کے , Caesar Cut : بالوں کا ایک انداز , Kerion : سر کی جلد پر ورم ہونا , Moustache : مونچھ , Glabrous : بالوں کے بغیر , Cabinet : کابینہ , Musculus Sternocleidomastoideus : سٹریپ نما گردن کا عضلہ جو سٹرنم اور ہنسلی کی ہڈی سے نکل کر ٹمپورل ہڈی کے مسٹائڈ زائدہ میں لگا ہوتا ہے , Head Crash : ہارڈ ڈسک کا ہیڈ خراب ہونا , Acephalous : جس کا سر نہ ہو , Human Head : انسانی سر , Attic : انسانی سر , Caul : غلاف سر جنین , Face : چہرہ , Chadar : چادر , Cervix : گردن , Headless : بغیر سر کا

Useful Words Definitions

Wig: hairpiece covering the head and made of real or synthetic hair.

Baldness: the condition of having no hair on the top of the head.

Queue: a braid of hair at the back of the head.

Bald: grow bald; lose hair on one`s head.

Scalp Lock: a long tuft of hair left on top of the shaven head.

Hair: a covering for the body (or parts of it) consisting of a dense growth of threadlike structures (as on the human head); helps to prevent heat loss.

Coat: growth of hair or wool or fur covering the body of an animal.

Alopecia: loss of hair (especially on the head) or loss of wool or feathers; in humans it can result from heredity or hormonal imbalance or certain diseases or drugs and treatments (chemotherapy for cancer).

Horsehair: hair taken from the mane or tail of a horse.

Cowlick: a tuft of hair that grows in a different direction from the rest of the hair and usually will not lie flat.

Aba: a fabric woven from goat hair and camel hair.

Part: a line of scalp that can be seen when sections of hair are combed in opposite directions.

Down: fine soft dense hair (as the fine short hair of cattle or deer or the wool of sheep or the undercoat of certain dogs).

Pin Curl: a curl of hair made by dampening a strand of hair and curling it and holding the curl with a clip or bobby pin.

Acoustic Nerve: a composite sensory nerve supplying the hair cells of the vestibular organ and the hair cells of the cochlea.

Coif: the arrangement of the hair (especially a woman's hair).

Caesar Cut: a hair style of short hair.

Kerion: ringworm infection of the hair follicles of the scalp and beard that usually results in a swelling that is covered with pustules and oozes fluid.

Moustache: an unshaved growth of hair on the upper lip.

Glabrous: having no hair or similar growth; smooth.

Cabinet: persons appointed by a head of state to head executive departments of government and act as official advisers.

Musculus Sternocleidomastoideus: one of two thick muscles running from the sternum and clavicle to the mastoid and occipital bone; turns head obliquely to the opposite side; when acting together they flex the neck and extend the head.

Head Crash: (computer science) a crash of a read/write head in a hard disk drive (usually caused by contact of the head with the surface of the magnetic disk).

Acephalous: lacking a head or a clearly defined head.

Human Head: the head of a human being.

Attic: informal terms for a human head.

Caul: the inner membrane of embryos in higher vertebrates (especially when covering the head at birth).

Face: the front of the human head from the forehead to the chin and ear to ear.

Chadar: a cloth used as a head covering (and veil and shawl) by Muslim and Hindu women.

Cervix: the part of an organism (human or animal) that connects the head to the rest of the body.

Headless: not having a head or formed without a head.

Related Words

Homo : انسان

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