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Heavily meaning in Urdu

Heavily Sentences

He drank heavily.
He walked heavily up the three flights to his room.

Heavily Synonyms


Heavily Definitions

1 of 3) Heavily, To A Great Extent : کافی : (adverb) to a considerable degree.

He relied heavily on others` data.

2 of 3) Heavily : بوجھل قدموں سے : (adverb) in a heavy-footed manner.

3 of 3) Heavily, Hard, Intemperately : بہت زیادہ : (adverb) indulging excessively.

Useful Words

Considerably : بہت , A Good Deal : بہت , So : بہت , Immensely : لامحدود طور پر , Brobdingnagian : دیو ہیکل , Outbalance : وزن میں زیادہ ہونا , Stamp : زمین پر زور سے پیر مار چلنا , Pelt : تیز بارش , Trundle : لڑھکانا , Slog : اندھا دھند مار نا , Beefy : توانا , Sink : دھڑام سے گرنا , Cart : کھینچنا , Swag : ڈگمگانا , Galumph : بے ڈھنگے پن سے چلنا , Footslog : مشکل سے چلنا , Trample : چلنا , Battleship : لڑاکا بحری جہاز , Oppressive : بھاری , Fall Off : نمایاں طور پر تخفیف ہو جانا , Cityscape : شہر کے بارے میں عام خیال , Crump : دھماکے سے پھٹنا , Sigh : آہ بھرنا , Man-At-Arms : سپاہی , Far-Flung : دور رس , Destroyer : تباہ کن جنگی جہاز , Budorcas Taxicolor : بڑا پہاڑی بکرا , Gannet : سمندری پرندہ , Far : بہت , Adhesion Contract : یکطرفہ معاہدہ , Vitiligo : برص کا مرض

Useful Words Definitions

Considerably: to a great extent or degree.

A Good Deal: to a very great degree or extent.

So: to a very great extent or degree.

Immensely: to an exceedingly great extent or degree.

Brobdingnagian: unusually great in size or amount or degree or especially extent or scope.

Outbalance: weigh more heavily.

Stamp: walk heavily.

Pelt: rain heavily.

Trundle: move heavily.

Slog: strike heavily, especially with the fist or a bat.

Beefy: muscular and heavily built.

Sink: fall or sink heavily.

Cart: draw slowly or heavily.

Swag: sway heavily or unsteadily.

Galumph: move around heavily and clumsily.

Footslog: walk heavily and firmly, as when weary, or through mud.

Trample: tread or stomp heavily or roughly.

Battleship: large and heavily armoured warship.

Oppressive: weighing heavily on the senses or spirit.

Fall Off: fall heavily or suddenly; decline markedly.

Cityscape: a viewpoint toward a city or other heavily populated area.

Crump: explode heavily or with a loud dull noise.

Sigh: heave or utter a sigh; breathe deeply and heavily.

Man-At-Arms: a heavily armed and mounted soldier in medieval times.

Far-Flung: distributed over a considerable extent.

Destroyer: a small fast lightly armored but heavily armed warship.

Budorcas Taxicolor: large heavily built goat antelope of eastern Himalayan area.

Gannet: large heavily built seabird with a long stout bill noted for its plunging dives for fish.

Far: to a considerable degree; very much.

Adhesion Contract: a contract that heavily restricts one party while leaving the other free (as some standard form printed contracts); implies inequality in bargaining power.

Vitiligo: an acquired skin disease characterized by patches of unpigmented skin (often surrounded by a heavily pigmented border).