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Heavy Spar Meaning in Urdu

1. Heavy Spar - Barite - Barium Sulphate - Barytes : بے رنگ معدن : (noun) a white or colorless mineral (BaSO4); the main source of barium.

Related Words

Ground Swell - Heavy Swell : گہرا سمندر : a broad and deep undulation of the ocean. "Sailing Boat in a Heavy Swell"

Heavy Cream : بالائی : contains more than 36% butterfat. "Heavy cream two tablespoons"

Useful Words

Colorless - Colourless : پھیکا : lacking in variety and interest. "A colorless and unimaginative person"

Chief - Main - Master - Primary - Principal : صدر : most important element. "The chief aim of living"

Mineral : معدن سے متعلق : relating to minerals. "Mineral elements"

Beginning - Origin - Root - Rootage - Source : وہ جگہ جہاں سے کوئی چیز شروع ہو : the place where something begins, where it springs into being. "The Italian beginning of the Renaissance"

White : سفید : being of the achromatic color of maximum lightness; having little or no hue owing to reflection of almost all incident light. "Just white"

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