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Heedfully meaning in Urdu

Heedfully Sentence

Listen heedfully.

Heedfully Synonyms

Heedfully Definitions

1) Heedfully, Advertently, Mindfully : توجہ سے : (adverb) in a careful deliberate manner.


Useful Words

Betrayal : بے وفائی , Unintentional : غیر ارادی , Elision : مستثنی قرار دینے کا عمل , Obstructionism : خلل اندازی , Ascertain : پتا لگانا , Advisement : مشاورت , Look After : نگرانی کرنا , Fabrication : جھوٹ بولنا , Think : غور کرنا , Evasion : رقم واپس نہ کرنا , Look Out : ہوشیار ہونا , Carefulness : احتیاط , Take Care : احتیاط کرنا , Exploration : تلاش , Consider : سوچنا , Thrifty : کفایت شعار , Cautious : محتاط , Affectation : دکھاوا , Appropriation : قبضہ , Gesticulation : اشاراتی اظہار , Ingratiate : دوسروں کی خوشنودی حاصل کرنا , Incendiary : نذر آتش , Effortfulness : تندہی , Unreflective : نہ سوچنے والا , Carelessness : لا پروائی , Thoughtful : غور و فکر کے ساتھ , Ill-Advised : نامناسب , Observation : مشاہدہ , Consideration : غورو فکر , In Large Quantities : بڑے پیمانے پر , Prudent : ہوشیار

Useful Words Definitions

Betrayal: an act of deliberate betrayal.

Unintentional: without deliberate intent.

Elision: a deliberate act of omission.

Obstructionism: deliberate interference.

Ascertain: be careful or certain to do something; make certain of something.

Advisement: careful consideration.

Look After: keep under careful scrutiny.

Fabrication: the deliberate act of deviating from the truth.

Think: an instance of deliberate thinking.

Evasion: the deliberate act of failing to pay money.

Look Out: be vigilant, be on the lookout or be careful.

Carefulness: the quality of being careful and painstaking.

Take Care: be careful, prudent, or watchful.

Exploration: a careful systematic search.

Consider: give careful consideration to.

Thrifty: careful and diligent in the use of resources.

Cautious: showing careful forethought.

Affectation: a deliberate pretense or exaggerated display.

Appropriation: a deliberate act of acquisition of something, often without the permission of the owner.

Gesticulation: a deliberate and vigorous gesture or motion.

Ingratiate: gain favor with somebody by deliberate efforts.

Incendiary: involving deliberate burning of property.

Effortfulness: the quality of requiring deliberate effort.

Unreflective: not exhibiting or characterized by careful thought.

Carelessness: the quality of not being careful or taking pains.

Thoughtful: exhibiting or characterized by careful thought.

Ill-Advised: without careful prior deliberation or counsel.

Observation: a remark expressing careful consideration.

Consideration: the process of giving careful thought to something.

In Large Quantities: on a large scale without careful discrimination.

Prudent: careful and sensible; marked by sound judgment.

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