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Height meaning in Urdu

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Height Definitions

1 of 4) Height, Tallness : بلندی, اونچائی : (noun) the vertical dimension of extension; distance from the base of something to the top.

2 of 4) Height, Acme, Elevation, Meridian, Peak, Pinnacle, Summit, Superlative, Tiptop, Top : بلندی, چوٹی, عروج : (noun) the highest level or degree attainable; the highest stage of development.

At the height of her career.

3 of 4) Height, Stature : انسانی جسم کی لمبائی, قدوقامت : (noun) (of a standing person) the distance from head to foot.

4 of 4) Height, Altitude : سطح سے بلندی : (noun) elevation especially above sea level or above the earth's surface.

Useful Words

Low : نیچے , Pint-Size : بونا , Commanding : اعلی , Level : اونچی سطح , Long : طویل , Heighten : اوپر اٹھانا , Tall : لمبا , Eminent : بہت بلند , Aloft : ہوا میں , Stand : لمبا ہونا , Common Wallaby : چھوٹا کینگرو , Dimension : وسعت , Contour : خط ہم ارتفاع , Regular : ملبوسات کا ایک ناپ , Ropedancer : رسن باز , Air Hole : ہوا کا کم دباو , Lectern : مطالعے کی میز , Wall : دیوار , Pinata : ایک برتن یا مورتی عموماً مٹی کی بنی ہوئی چمک دار نقش و نگار کے ساتھ , Corymb : پھولوں کا خوشہ , Home : بیس بال کی کریز , Linear : لکیر سے متعلق , 4-Dimensional : چار جہتی , Thickness : گاڑھا پن , Slenderness : باریکی , Length : طول , Steal : چرانا , Foreland : قدرتی چڑھائی , Swell : ابھار , Hill : پہاڑی , Cusp : دانت کا نوکدار کنارہ

Useful Words Definitions

Low: literal meanings; being at or having a relatively small elevation or upward extension.

Pint-Size: well below average height.

Commanding: used of a height or viewpoint.

Level: height above ground.

Long: of relatively great height.

Heighten: increase the height of.

Tall: great in vertical dimension; high in stature.

Eminent: of imposing height; especially standing out above others.

Aloft: at or to great height; high up in or into the air.

Stand: be tall; have a height of; copula.

Common Wallaby: a small wallaby having a height of 30 inches.

Dimension: the magnitude of something in a particular direction (especially length or width or height).

Contour: a line drawn on a map connecting points of equal height.

Regular: a garment size for persons of average height and weight.

Ropedancer: an acrobat who performs on a rope stretched at some height above the ground.

Air Hole: a local region of low pressure or descending air that causes a plane to lose height suddenly.

Lectern: desk or stand with a slanted top used to hold a text at the proper height for a lecturer.

Wall: an architectural partition with a height and length greater than its thickness; used to divide or enclose an area or to support another structure.

Pinata: plaything consisting of a container filled with toys and candy; suspended from a height for blindfolded children to break with sticks.

Corymb: flat-topped or convex inflorescence in which the individual flower stalks grow upward from various points on the main stem to approximately the same height; outer flowers open first.

Home: (baseball) base consisting of a rubber slab where the batter stands; it must be touched by a base runner in order to score.

Linear: of or in or along or relating to a line; involving a single dimension.

4-Dimensional: involving or relating to the fourth dimension or time.

Thickness: the dimension through an object as opposed to its length or width.

Slenderness: relatively small dimension through an object as opposed to its length or width.

Length: the linear extent in space from one end to the other; the longest dimension of something that is fixed in place.

Steal: a stolen base; an instance in which a base runner advances safely during the delivery of a pitch (without the help of a hit or walk or passed ball or wild pitch).

Foreland: a natural elevation (especially a rocky one that juts out into the sea).

Swell: a rounded elevation (especially one on an ocean floor).

Hill: a local and well-defined elevation of the land.

Cusp: small elevation on the grinding surface of a tooth.

Related Words

Ceiling : حد پرواز , Highness : بلندی , Little : چھوٹا

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