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Hepatic meaning in Urdu

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Hepatic ducts.

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Hepatic Definitions

1 of 2) Hepatic : جگر کا : (adjective) pertaining to or affecting the liver.

Hepatic cirrhosis.


2 of 2) Hepatic, Liverwort : ایک قسم کا چھوٹا پودا : (noun) any of numerous small green nonvascular plants of the class Hepaticopsida growing in wet places and resembling green seaweeds or leafy mosses.

Useful Words

Hepatic Coma : جگر کی بیماری سے ہونے والا کوما , Bile Duct : صفراوی نالی , Cardiopulmonary : دل اور پھیپھڑوں سے متعلق , Sensitive : حساس , Gall Bladder : پتہ , Hepatomegaly : جگر کا بڑھ جانا , Hepatotoxic : جگر کے لئے نقصان دہ , Fatty Liver : جگر کی چربی , Joint : مشترکہ , Superficial : سطحی , Hepatocarcinoma : جگر کا کینسر , Pneumonic : پھیپھڑوں سے متعلق , Bilateral : دو طرفہ , Splanchnic : آنتڑیوں کے متعلق , Oral : منھ سے متعلق , Partial : تہوڑا , Public Law : قانون عامہ , Systemic : سارے نظام کو متاثر کرنے والا , Bursal : گلٹی والا , Hepatotoxin : جگر متاثر کرنے والا زہر , Arteria Hepatica : جگر کی شریان , Goose Liver : گوس پرندے کا جگر , Calf's Liver : بچھڑے کا جگر , Hepatic Lobe : جگر کی لوب , Liver : کلیجی , Articular : جوڑوں سے متعلق , Shallow : ہلکا , Cutaneal : جلدی , Spiritual : روحانی , Psychic : دماغی , Hepatologist : معدے کی بیماریوں کا ماہر

Useful Words Definitions

Hepatic Coma: coma that can occur in severe cases of liver disease.

Hepatic coma symptoms : Anxiety or restlessness, cognitive impairment (confusion or poor thinking), balance problems may be seen, poor attention sometimes, asterixis, mood swings, muscle twitches, lack of alertness..

Bile Duct: a duct formed by the hepatic and cystic ducts; opens into the duodenum.

Cardiopulmonary: of or pertaining to or affecting both the heart and the lungs and their functions.

Sensitive: of or pertaining to classified information or matters affecting national security.

Gall Bladder: a muscular sac attached to the liver that stores bile (secreted by the liver) until it is needed for digestion.

Hepatomegaly: an abnormal enlargement of the liver, often resulting from various underlying health conditions such as liver disease, infection, or congestion..

Hepatotoxic: toxic to the liver or causing injury to the liver.

Fatty Liver: a medical condition where excessive fat accumulates in liver cells. This condition, often caused by factors like obesity or unhealthy diet, can impair liver functionor.

Joint: affecting or involving two or more.

Superficial: of, affecting, or being on or near the surface.

Hepatocarcinoma: carcinoma of the liver.

Pneumonic: relating to or affecting the lungs.

Bilateral: affecting or undertaken by two parties.

Splanchnic: relating to or affecting the viscera.

Oral: of or relating to or affecting or for use in the mouth.

Partial: being or affecting only a part; not total.

Public Law: a law affecting the public at large.

Systemic: affecting an entire system.

Bursal: relating to or affecting a bursa.

Hepatotoxin: any toxin that affects the liver.

Arteria Hepatica: arteries that supply the liver.

Goose Liver: liver of a goose used as meat.

Calf's Liver: liver of a calf used as meat.

Hepatic Lobe: any of the five lobes forming the liver.

Liver: liver of an animal used as meat.

Articular: relating to or affecting the joints of the body.

Shallow: not deep or strong; not affecting one deeply.

Cutaneal: relating to or existing on or affecting the skin.

Spiritual: concerned with or affecting the spirit or soul.

Psychic: affecting or influenced by the human mind.

Hepatologist: a person who is specialized in liver diseases.

Hepatic in Book Titles

Hepatic Encephalopathy.
Hepatic Tumors and Oral Contraceptives.
Cirrhosis, Hepatic Encephalopathy, and Ammonium Toxicity.

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