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Heritage meaning in Urdu

Heritage Sentences

A heritage of freedom.
This art is our heritage.

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Heritage Definitions

1 of 4) Heritage : میراث : (noun) practices that are handed down from the past by tradition.

2 of 4) Heritage, Inheritance : ورثہ : (noun) any attribute or immaterial possession that is inherited from ancestors.

The world`s heritage of knowledge.

3 of 4) Heritage, Inheritance : وراثت : (noun) that which is inherited; a title or property or estate that passes by law to the heir on the death of the owner.

4 of 4) Heritage, Inheritance : وراثت : (noun) hereditary succession to a title or an office or property.

Useful Words

Background : سابقہ تجربہ , Negritude : تفاخر سیاہ فامی , Traditionalistic : روایت پرستانہ , Heirloom : وراثت , Light-Handedly : سبکدستی سے , Hand Down : وراثت میں آگے منتقل کرنا , High-Handedly : من مانے طریقے سے , Pitsaw : دستی آرا , Draw : گالف کا شارٹ , Endowed : موقوفہ , Entail : مخصوص ورثا کو جائیداد دینا , Heir Apparent : یقینی وارث , Unorthodox : غیر روایتی , Traditional : رواجی , Traditionally : روایتاً , Lore : روایات کا علم ہونا , Die-Hard : کٹر , Saeed Ajmal : سعید اجمل , Ahistorical : تاریخ سے غیر متعلق , Immemorial : قدیم , Anglo-Catholicism : کیتھولک مثل اینگلیکن عیسائیت , Right : حق , Hadith : محمد ﷺ اور صحابہ کے اقوال اور فعل , Age Of Reason : روشن خیالی , Accretion : جائیداد میں حصہ بڑھنا , High Anglican Church : کیتھولک مثل اینگلیکن چرچ , Honor Killing : غیرت کے نام پر قتل , Hydromancer : پانی سے شگون لینے والا , Photometrician : ضیا پیمائی کرنے والا , Exorciser : جن اتارنے والا , Magician : جادوگر

Useful Words Definitions

Background: a person`s social heritage: previous experience or training.

Negritude: an ideological position that holds Black culture to be independent and valid on its own terms; an affirmation of the African cultural heritage.

Traditionalistic: adhering to tradition especially in cultural or religious practices.

Heirloom: (law) any property that is considered by law or custom as inseparable from an inheritance is inherited with that inheritance.

Light-Handedly: in a light-handed manner.

Hand Down: passed on, as by inheritance.

High-Handedly: in a domineering high-handed manner.

Pitsaw: a large two-handed saw formerly used to cut logs into planks; one man stood above the log and the other in a pit below.

Draw: a golf shot that curves to the left for a right-handed golfer.

Endowed: provided or supplied or equipped with (especially as by inheritance or nature).

Entail: limit the inheritance of property to a specific class of heirs.

Heir Apparent: an heir whose right to an inheritance cannot be defeated if that person outlives the ancestor.

Unorthodox: breaking with convention or tradition.

Traditional: consisting of or derived from tradition.

Traditionally: according to tradition; in a traditional manner.

Lore: knowledge gained through tradition or anecdote.

Die-Hard: tradition-bound and obstinately opinionated.

Saeed Ajmal: Pakistani cricketer, he is a right-arm off-spin bowler who bats right handed and very fame in cricket world.

Ahistorical: unconcerned with or unrelated to history or to historical development or to tradition.

Immemorial: long past; beyond the limits of memory or tradition or recorded history.

Anglo-Catholicism: a doctrine and practice within the Church of England emphasizing the Catholic tradition.

Right: an abstract idea of that which is due to a person or governmental body by law or tradition or nature.

Hadith: (Islam) a tradition based on reports of the sayings and activities of Muhammad and his companions.

Age Of Reason: a movement in Europe from about 1650 until 1800 that advocated the use of reason and individualism instead of tradition and established doctrine.

Accretion: (law) an increase in a beneficiary`s share in an estate (as when a co-beneficiary dies or fails to meet some condition or rejects the inheritance).

High Anglican Church: a group in the Anglican Church that emphasizes the Catholic tradition (especially in sacraments and rituals and obedience to church authority).

Honor Killing: an ancient tradition still sometimes observed; a male member of the family kills a female relative for tarnishing the family image.

Hydromancer: one who practices hydromancy.

Photometrician: someone who practices photometry.

Exorciser: someone who practices exorcism.

Magician: one who practices magic or sorcery.

Related Words

Attribute : خاصیت , Acquisition : حصول , Jurisprudence : اصول , Bequest : وصیت

Heritage in Book Titles

The Heritage Crusade and the Spoils of History.
Indian Heritage and Culture.
Art and Cultural Heritage: Law, Policy and Practice.
International Law and the Protection of Cultural HeritageThe Inheritance: A Novel.

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