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1) Hermann, Armin, Arminius : جرمن ہیرو : (noun) German hero; leader at the battle of Teutoburger Wald in AD 9 (circa 18 BC - AD 19).

Related : German : a person of German nationality. Hero : a man distinguished by exceptional courage and nobility and strength.

Useful Words

18, Eighteen, Xviii : اٹھارا : the cardinal number that is the sum of seventeen and one. "Afridi made fifty in 18 balls included seven sixes and two fours".

19, Nineteen, Xix : انیس : being one more than eighteen.

9, Ix, Nine : نو : denoting a quantity consisting of one more than eight and one less than ten.

A.D., Ad, Anno Domini : عیسوی تاریخ کا مخفف : in the Christian era; used before dates after the supposed year Christ was born. "The anno domini system".

Battle, Conflict, Engagement, Fight : جنگ : a hostile meeting of opposing military forces in the course of a war. "Grant won a decisive victory in the battle of Chickamauga".

B.C., Bc, Before Christ : قبل مسیح : before the Christian era; used following dates before the supposed year Christ was born. "In 200 BC".

German : جرمنی کا باسی : a person of German nationality. "People consider me a german".

Hero : ہیرو : the principal character in a play or movie or novel or poem. "Be a hero".

Leader : قائد : a person who rules or guides or inspires others. "People of other organizations do not consider Imran Khan as a good leader".

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