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Hero Worship meaning in Urdu

Hero Worship Sentence

Ignorants do hero worship.

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Hero Worship in Detail

1) Hero Worship : شخصیت پرستی : (noun) admiration for great men (or their memory).

Related : Esteem : a feeling of delighted approval and liking.

Useful Words

Admiration, Esteem : تعریف : a feeling of delighted approval and liking.

Bang-Up, Bully, Corking, Cracking, Dandy, Great, Groovy, Keen, Neat, Nifty, Not Bad, Peachy, Slap-Up, Smashing, Swell : چٹخنے کی آواز : a sudden sharp noise. "Stop Cracking Your Knuckles".

Memory, Remembering : یاد : the cognitive processes whereby past experience is remembered. "Your memory torments me".

Hands, Manpower, Men, Work Force, Workforce : افرادی قوت : the force of workers available.

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