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Heterodactyl Foot meaning in Urdu

Heterodactyl Foot Definitions

1) Heterodactyl Foot : دو ایڑی والا پنجہ : (noun) a bird`s foot having the first and second toes of each foot directed backward and the third and fourth forward.


Useful Words

Metatarsus : ٹخنے سے انگلیوں تک کا پاٴوں کا حصہ , Webbed Foot : جھلی دار پرندوں کا پنجہ , Sq Ft : مربع فٹ , Step : قدم رکھنا , Metatarsal : پیر کی ہڈی , Webfoot : جھلی دار پنجہ , Pusher : ایک قسم کی چپل , Claw : پرندوں کا پیر , Zygodactyl : جفت پنجئہ پرندہ , Heterodactyl : پرندے کا پنجہ , Foot Race : دوڑ , Peregrinate : جگہ جگہ سفر کرنا , Peripatetic : پیدل سفر کرنے سے متعلق , Kick : لات مارنا , Walk : چلنا , Climber : چڑھنے والا , Pedate : پاوں کی خصوصیت والا , Wayfaring : پیدل سفر کرنے سے متعلق , Toe : پیر کا اگلا حصہ , Sole : تلا , Afoot : پیدل چلنا , Crus : ٹانگ , Afoot : پیدل , Hindfoot : چوپائے کے پچھلے پائے , Foot Lever : پاوں سے استعمال ہونے والا پیڈل , Crural : ٹانگ کے متعلق , Trek : پیلد پہاڑوں پر سفر کرنا , Hoof : جانور کا کھر , Step On : کسی شے پر پاوں رکھنا , Foot Traffic : بیدل چلنے والے لوگ , Runner : دوڑنے والا شخص

Useful Words Definitions

Metatarsus: the skeleton of the human foot between the toes and the tarsus; the corresponding part of the foot in birds or of the hind foot in quadrupeds.

Webbed Foot: a bird's foot with folds of skin between the toes.

Sq Ft: a unit of area equal to one foot by one foot square.

Step: put down or press the foot, place the foot.

Metatarsal: any bone of the foot between the ankle and the toes.

Webfoot: a foot having the toes connected by folds of skin.

Pusher: a sandal attached to the foot by a thong over the toes.

Claw: a bird's foot.

Zygodactyl: (of bird feet) having the first and fourth toes directed backward the second and third forward.

Heterodactyl: (of bird feet) having the first and second toes directed backward the third and fourth forward.

Foot Race: a race run on foot.

Peregrinate: travel around, through, or over, especially on foot.

Peripatetic: traveling especially on foot.

Kick: strike with the foot.

Walk: the act of traveling by foot.

Climber: someone who ascends on foot.

Pedate: having or resembling a foot.

Wayfaring: traveling (especially on foot).

Toe: one of the digits of the foot.

Sole: the underside of the foot.

Afoot: traveling by foot.

Crus: the leg from the knee to foot.

Afoot: on foot; walking.

Hindfoot: a rear foot of a quadruped.

Foot Lever: a lever that is operated with the foot.

Crural: of or relating the leg from the knee to the foot.

Trek: journey on foot, especially in the mountains.

Hoof: the foot of an ungulate mammal.

Step On: place or press the foot on.

Foot Traffic: people coming and going on foot.

Runner: someone who travels on foot by running.

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