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Heterotrichales meaning in Urdu

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Heterotrichales Definitions

1) Heterotrichales, Order Heterotrichales : پیلی سبز کائی : (noun) yellow-green algae with simple or branching filaments; comprising the single family Tribonemaceae.


Useful Words

Chrysophyceae : کائی , Spirogyra : مرغولی کائی , Aegypiidae : گدھ , Pond Scum : کائی , Butterfly Orchid : ایک خوبصورت پھول , Acorn Squash : اسکواش پھل , African Marigold : افریقی گیندے کا پھول , Hedge Mustard : زرد پھول والا امریکی پودا , Acanthisittidae : نیوزی لینڈ کی چڑیا , Ailuropodidae : بڑے پانڈے , Chartreuse : مٹر جیسا رنگ , Banksia Rose : چین میں پایا جانے پھول , Aguacate : ناشپاتی , Chrysolite : زبرجد سبز , Apple : سیب , Bell Pepper : شملہ مرچ , Budgereegah : آسٹریلین طوطا , Herb Paris : زہریلی بوٹی , Agastache Nepetoides : امریکی سدا بہار پودا , Jade : ہلکا سبز رنگ , Bambusa Vulgaris : انتہائی سخت بانس , Actias Luna : امریکی مدھ , Superfamily : خاندان سے اوپر مگر درجے میں نیچے والا گروہ , Aceraceae : نوع میپل , Holly-Leaves Barberry : نیلے بیر کا درخت , Gooseberry : آملہ , Bifilar : دو دھاگوں والا , Monotype : اپنے گروہ کا واحد رکن , Curcuma Domestica : ہلدی , A Battery : بیٹری اے , Arabidopsis : ایک قسم کا رائی کا سفوف کی طرز کا پودا پیلے اور اودے پھول والا

Useful Words Definitions

Chrysophyceae: all the yellow-green algae having flagella of unequal length.

Spirogyra: freshwater algae consisting of minute filaments containing spiral chlorophyll bands.

Aegypiidae: in some classifications considered the family comprising the Old World vultures which are more often included in the family Accipitridae.

Pond Scum: free-floating freshwater green algae.

Butterfly Orchid: Mexican epiphytic orchid having pale green or yellow-green flowers with white purple-veined lip.

Acorn Squash: small dark green or yellow ribbed squash with yellow to orange flesh.

African Marigold: a stout branching annual with large yellow to orange flower heads; Mexico and Central America.

Hedge Mustard: stiffly branching Old World annual with pale yellow flowers; widely naturalized in North America; formerly used medicinally.

Acanthisittidae: alternative names for the family comprising the New Zealand wrens.

Ailuropodidae: in some classifications considered the family comprising the giant pandas.

Chartreuse: a shade of green tinged with yellow.

Banksia Rose: Chinese evergreen climbing rose with yellow or white single flowers.

Aguacate: a pear-shaped tropical fruit with green or blackish skin and rich yellowish pulp enclosing a single large seed.

Chrysolite: a brown or yellow-green olivine found in igneous and metamorphic rocks and used as a gemstone.

Apple: fruit with red or yellow or green skin and sweet to tart crisp whitish flesh.

Bell Pepper: large bell-shaped sweet pepper in green or red or yellow or orange or black varieties.

Budgereegah: small Australian parakeet usually light green with black and yellow markings in the wild but bred in many colors.

Herb Paris: European herb with yellow-green flowers resembling and closely related to the trilliums; reputed to be poisonous.

Agastache Nepetoides: erect perennial with stout stems and yellow-green flowers; southern Canada and southeastern United States.

Jade: a light green color varying from bluish green to yellowish green.

Bambusa Vulgaris: extremely vigorous bamboo having thin-walled culms striped green and yellow; so widely cultivated that native area is uncertain.

Actias Luna: large pale-green American moth with long-tailed hind wings and a yellow crescent-shaped mark on each forewing.

Superfamily: (biology) a taxonomic group ranking below an order but above a family.

Aceraceae: a family of trees and shrubs of order Sapindales including the maples.

Holly-Leaves Barberry: ornamental evergreen shrub of Pacific coast of North America having dark green pinnate leaves and racemes of yellow flowers followed by blue-black berries.

Gooseberry: spiny Eurasian shrub having greenish purple-tinged flowers and ovoid yellow-green or red-purple berries.

Bifilar: having or using two filaments.

Monotype: (biology) a taxonomic group with a single member (a single species or genus).

Curcuma Domestica: widely cultivated tropical plant of India having yellow flowers and a large aromatic deep yellow rhizome; source of a condiment and a yellow dye.

A Battery: the battery used to heat the filaments of a vacuum tube.

Arabidopsis: a genus of the mustard family having white or yellow or purplish flowers; closely related to genus Arabis.

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