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Hickory Pine meaning in Urdu

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Hickory Pine Definitions

1) Hickory Pine, Pinus Pungens, Prickly Pine, Table-Mountain Pine : ہکوری صنوبر : (noun) a small two-needled upland pine of the eastern United States (Appalachians) having dark brown flaking bark and thorn-tipped cone scales.

Useful Words

Pineal : شکل میں ایک صنوبری مخروط سے مشابہ , Pine Tar : صنوبری تارکول , Agathis : کائوری درخت , Deal : بآسانی کاٹی جا سکنے والی لکڑی , Knotty Pine : گرہ دار لکڑی , Yellow Pine : زرد صنوبر , Acerate : نوکیلا , Pinetum : درختوں کا ایک باغ , Araucaria Cunninghamii : آسٹریلیائی صنوبر , Damar : گوند , Pixie : سدا بہار پودا , Agkistrodon Contortrix : امریکی بھورا سانپ , Carya Ovata : ایک قسم کا اخروٹ , Crested Coral Root : پھولدار جھاڑی , Hickory Nut : ہکوری اخروٹ , Black Hickory : امریکی اخروٹ , Alnus Serrulata : نرم چھال والی جھاڑی , Hickory : ہکوری کی لکڑی , Ball Nettle : کانٹے دار پودا , Black Whale : امریکی پائلٹ ویل مچھلی , Bugleweed : امریکی سفید پھولوں والی خوشبو دار جری بوٹی , Common Mackerel : اسقمری مچھلی , Cone : بیجوں کا مخروطہ , Russian Cactus : جھاڑی دار یورپی پودا , Blue Devil : نیلے پھولوں والی یورپی گھاس پھوس یا پودا , Abies Bracteata : تکونا صنوبر , Horse Thistle : کانٹے دار پھول , Stoat : قاقم , Prick : چھوٹا سا سوراخ کرنا , Abele : سفیدے کا درخت , Japanese Beetle : جاپانی بھوترا

Useful Words Definitions

Pineal: having the form of a pine cone.

Pine Tar: a dark viscous substance obtained from the destructive distillation of pine wood.

Agathis: kauri pine.

Deal: wood that is easy to saw (from conifers such as pine or fir).

Knotty Pine: pine lumber with many knots; used especially for paneling and furniture.

Yellow Pine: hard yellowish wood of a yellow pine.

Acerate: narrow and long and pointed; as pine leaves.

Pinetum: an area planted with pine trees or related conifers.

Araucaria Cunninghamii: pine of Australia and New Guinea; yields a valuable light even-textured wood.

Damar: any of various hard resins from trees of the family Dipterocarpaceae and of the genus Agathis; especially the amboyna pine.

Pixie: creeping evergreen shrub having narrow overlapping leaves and early white star-shaped flowers; of the pine barrens of New Jersey and the Carolinas.

Agkistrodon Contortrix: common coppery brown pit viper of upland eastern United States.

Carya Ovata: North American hickory having loose grey shaggy bark and edible nuts.

Crested Coral Root: orchid with yellowish-brown flowers with dark veins; southeastern Arizona to the eastern United States.

Hickory Nut: small hard-shelled nut of North American hickory trees especially the shagbark hickories.

Black Hickory: an American hickory tree having bitter nuts.

Alnus Serrulata: common shrub of the eastern United States with smooth bark.

Hickory: valuable tough heavy hardwood from various hickory trees.

Ball Nettle: coarse prickly weed having pale yellow flowers and yellow berrylike fruit; common throughout southern and eastern United States.

Black Whale: small dark-colored whale of the Atlantic coast of the United States; the largest male acts as pilot or leader for the school.

Bugleweed: a mildly narcotic and astringent aromatic herb having small whitish flowers; eastern United States.

Common Mackerel: important food fish of the northern Atlantic and Mediterranean; its body is greenish-blue with dark bars and small if any scales.

Cone: cone-shaped mass of ovule- or spore-bearing scales or bracts.

Russian Cactus: prickly bushy Eurasian plant; a troublesome weed in central and western United States.

Blue Devil: a coarse prickly European weed with spikes of blue flowers; naturalized in United States.

Abies Bracteata: a pyramidal fir of southwestern California having spiny pointed leaves and cone scales with long spines.

Horse Thistle: European annual wild lettuce having prickly stems; a troublesome weed in parts of United States.

Stoat: the ermine in its brown summer coat with black-tipped tail.

Prick: make a small hole into, as with a needle or a thorn.

Abele: a poplar that is widely cultivated in the United States; has white bark and leaves with whitish undersurfaces.

Japanese Beetle: small metallic green and brown beetle native to eastern Asia; serious plant pest in North America.

Related Words

Pine : صنوبر

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