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ہائیڈرو برومِک تیزاب : Hidro Bromix Tezab Meaning in English

Hidro Bromix Tezab in Detail

1) ہائیڈرو برومک تیزاب : Hydrobromic Acid : (noun) an aqueous solution of hydrogen bromide that is a strong liquid acid.


Useful Words

تلخی : Acerb : harsh or corrosive in tone. "An acerbic tone piercing otherwise flowery prose".

مقالہ : Banality : a trite or obvious remark. "Cliche in literature books".

ہلکی گیس جو آکسیجن کے ساتھ مل کر پانی بناتی ہے : Atomic Number 1 : a nonmetallic univalent element that is normally a colorless and odorless highly flammable diatomic gas; the simplest and lightest and most abundant element in the universe.

رقیق مائع : Liquid : a substance that is liquid at room temperature and pressure.

حل : Answer : a statement that solves a problem or explains how to solve the problem. "They were trying to find a peaceful solution".

مضبوط : Strong : having strength or power greater than average or expected. "He is very strong emotionally, he is not afraid of small problems".

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