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Higher Education meaning in Urdu

Higher Education Sentence

He moved to USA for higher education.

Higher Education Definitions

1) Higher Education : اعلی تعلیم : (noun) education provided by a college or university.


Useful Words

Academic Program : تعلیمی ترتیب , College : کالج , A Level : اعلی ثانوی مضمون , Tuition : ٹیوشن کی فیس , Practice Teacher : زیر مشق استاد , Gcse : برطانوی ثانوی تعلیم سند , Uneducated : جو پڑھا لکھا نہ ہو , Educative : تعلیم سے متعلق , Informed : باخبر , Educate : تعلیم دینا , Higher : اعلی تعلیم , Ded : ڈاکٹر کی ڈگری , Educationalist : ماہر تعلیم , Educational Institution : درسگاہ , Educational : تدریسی , Coeducation : مخلوط تعلیم , Ignorance : جہالت , Seminary : تربیت گاہ , Class : نصاب , Institute : تعلیمی ادارہ , Enlightenment : روشن خیالی , Cultivation : اصلاح , Profession : پیشہ , Secularist : لا دین , Baqai Medical University : بقائی میڈیکل یونیورسٹی , Horace Mann : امریکی معلم ہوریس , Mbbs : ایم بی بی ایس , Academic Administrator : کالج کا منتظم , Bursar : خزانچی , Matriculate : کالج میں رکنیت دینا یا داخہ دینا , College Student : جامعہ کا طالب

Useful Words Definitions

Academic Program: (education) a program of education in liberal arts and sciences (usually in preparation for higher education).

College: an institution of higher education created to educate and grant degrees; often a part of a university.

A Level: A Level refers to an advanced level qualification typically taken by students in the United Kingdom and several other countries. It is considered a higher secondary education qualification and serves as a progression from the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) or equivalent.

Tuition: a fee paid for instruction (especially for higher education).

Practice Teacher: a college student who is teaching under the supervision of a certified teacher in order to qualify for a degree in education.

Gcse: O Level, short for "Ordinary Level," is an internationally recognized qualification typically taken by students around the age of 16. It is offered by Cambridge Assessment International Education, a part of the University of Cambridge, in collaboration with various educational institutions worldwide.

Uneducated: not having a good education.

Educative: resulting in education.

Informed: having much knowledge or education.

Educate: give an education to.

Higher: of education beyond the secondary level.

Ded: a doctor`s degree in education.

Educationalist: a specialist in the theory of education.

Educational Institution: an institution dedicated to education.

Educational: relating to the process of education.

Coeducation: education of men and women in the same institutions.

Ignorance: the lack of knowledge or education.

Seminary: a private place of education for the young.

Class: education imparted in a series of lessons or meetings.

Institute: an association organized to promote art or science or education.

Enlightenment: education that results in understanding and the spread of knowledge.

Cultivation: socialization through training and education to develop one`s mind or manners.

Profession: an occupation requiring special education (especially in the liberal arts or sciences).

Secularist: an advocate of secularism; someone who believes that religion should be excluded from government and education.

Baqai Medical University: Provides medical related education, location is 51, Deh Tor, Gadap road, near Toll plaza, super highway Karachi.

Horace Mann: United States educator who introduced reforms that significantly altered the system of public education (1796-1859).

Mbbs: MBBS stands for "Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery." It is an undergraduate medical degree awarded to individuals who have completed the academic and practical training necessary to become a medical doctor. MBBS is a common degree designation in many countries, including India, the United Kingdom, Australia, and various other countries following the British medical education system.

Academic Administrator: an administrator in a college or university.

Bursar: the treasurer at a college or university.

Matriculate: someone who has been admitted to a college or university.

College Student: a student enrolled in a college or university.

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