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ہندووں کی سب سے اعلٰی ذات : Hinduwon Ki Sab Se Ala Zaat Meaning in English

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Hinduwon Ki Sab Se Ala Zaat in Detail

1) ہندووں کی سب سے اعلی ذات : Brahman Brahmin : (noun) a member of the highest of the four Hindu varnas.

Related : Hindustani : a native or inhabitant of Hindustan or India.

Useful Words

بھارتی بیل : Bos Indicus, Brahma, Brahman, Brahmin : any of several breeds of Indian cattle; especially a large American heat and tick resistant greyish humped breed evolved in the Gulf States by interbreeding Indian cattle and now used chiefly for crossbreeding. "Bos indicus found in India".

لمبا پہاڑی سلسلہ : Karakoram, Karakoram Range, Karakorum Range, Mustagh, Mustagh Range : a mountain range in northern Kashmir; an extension of the Hindu Kush; contains the 2nd highest peak. "He traveled to Karakorum range".

راجاٴوں کی نسل : Rajpoot, Rajput : a member of the dominant Hindu military caste in northern India.

چوتارا : Fiddle, Violin : bowed stringed instrument that is the highest member of the violin family; this instrument has four strings and a hollow body and an unfretted fingerboard and is played with a bow.

بلندی : Acme, Elevation, Height, Meridian, Peak, Pinnacle, Summit, Superlative, Tiptop, Top : the highest level or degree attainable; the highest stage of development. "His landscapes were deemed the acme of beauty".

ہچیتی لوگ : Hitchiti : a member of the Muskhogean people formerly living in Georgia; a member of the Creek Confederacy.

ہندو مذہب کا نواں مہینہ : Aghan, Margasivsa : the ninth month of the Hindu calendar.

ہندو مہینہ : Hindu Calendar Month : any lunisolar month in the Hindu calendar. "Chaitra is first Hindu Calendar Month".

لکشمی : Lakshmi : Hindu goddess of fortune and prosperity. "Lakshmi is not true there is only one god he has no partner".

خالق ہندو خدا : Brahma : the Creator; one of the three major deities in the later Hindu pantheon.

فقیر : Fakeer, Fakir, Faqir, Faquir : a Muslim or Hindu mendicant monk who is regarded as a holy man.

ہندووٴں کا مذہبی پیشوا : Guru : a Hindu or Buddhist religious leader and spiritual teacher.

ادیتیا : Aditya : one of 7 to 12 sons of Aditi; Hindu gods of celestial light.

ادیتی : Aditi : a Hindu goddess who releases from sin or disease; mother of the Adityas.

نقطہ عروج : Acme, Apex, Peak, Vertex : the highest point (of something). "At the peak of the pyramid".

عمدہ ترین : A-One, Ace, Crack, First-Rate, Super, Tiptop, Top-Notch, Topnotch, Tops : of the highest quality. "An ace reporter".

خالص : Greatest, Sterling, Superlative : highest in quality.

نہایت اعلی : Classic : a creation of the highest excellence.

اوپر آنا : Scale, Surmount : reach the highest point of. "We scaled the Mont Blanc".

عمدہ : Excellent, Fantabulous, First-Class, Splendid : very good;of the highest quality. "Made an excellent speech".

اونچی لہریں : High Tide, High Water, Highwater : the tide when the water is highest. "People enjoy high tide during monsoon season".

کسی چیز کی اوپر والی سطح : Top, Top Side, Upper Side, Upside : the highest or uppermost side of anything. "Put your books on top of the desk".

پہلا : First, Number One : the first or highest in an ordering or series. "He wanted to be the first".

پادریوں کا سردار : Archbishop : a bishop of highest rank.

اعلی ترین درجے کا : Supreme : highest in excellence or achievement. "Supreme among musicians".

دوسرے درجے کا : Second Class : not the highest rank in a classification.

انتہاء : Extreme : the furthest or highest degree of something. "He carried it to extremes".

اعلی ترین سطح : Command : a position of highest authority. "The corporation has just undergone a change in command".

چادر : Chadar, Chaddar, Chador, Chuddar : a cloth used as a head covering (and veil and shawl) by Muslim and Hindu women.

ہندو آگ کا دیوتا : Agni : (Sanskrit) Hindu god of fire in ancient and traditional India; one of the three chief deities of the Vedas.

اعلی افسر : Full General, General : a general officer of the highest rank.

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