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حقارت آمیزی : Hiqarat Aamizi Meaning in English


Hiqarat Aamizi in Detail

1 of 2) تکبر حقارت آمیزی : Condescension Disdainfulness Superciliousness : (noun) the trait of displaying arrogance by patronizing those considered inferior.

2 of 2) حقارت آمیزی : Contemptuousness : (noun) the manifestation of scorn and contempt.

Useful Words

غرور : Arrogance : overbearing pride evidenced by a superior manner toward inferiors. "Shahid has been hanging out with sich girls ever since he came from abroad but has not been married yet because of his arrogance".

سوچا سمجھا : Considered : carefully weighed. "A considered opinion".

کم رتبے والا : Inferior : of or characteristic of low rank or importance.

متکبرانہ : Arch : (used of behavior or attitude) characteristic of those who treat others with condescension. "She had patronising tone".

خاصیت : Trait : a distinguishing feature of your personal nature. "This building of Istanbul is so beautiful because the trait of architect of this building is that he has mastered the art of sketching".

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