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Hobbledehoy meaning in Urdu

Hobbledehoy Definitions

1) Hobbledehoy : بد تمیز لڑکا : (noun) an awkward bad-mannered adolescent boy.


Useful Words

Fuzz : نوجوان لڑکے کی پہلی داڑھی , Calf Love : کم عمری کی عارضی محبت , Adolesce : سمجھ دار ہونا , Adolescent : نوعمری کا , Staginess : تھیٹر کی مانند حالت لیے ھو ئے , Brat : شریر بچہ , Brattish : شریر بچہ , Boorish : ناقص العقل , How-D'ye-Do : مصیبت , Contretemps : جھگڑا , Awkwardly : بے ڈھنگے پن سے , Clamber : مشکل چڑھائی , Dear : معصوم بچہ , Faux Pas : بے تکی بات یا عمل , Clod : احمق , Cub : نادان , Woodenness : بھدا پن , Wall : پیچیدہ صورت حال , Adolescent : بلوغت کی طرف بڑھتا ہوا , Awkward : بھدا , Bad : برا , Boy : لڑکا

Useful Words Definitions

Fuzz: the first beard of an adolescent boy.

Calf Love: temporary love of an adolescent.

Adolesce: become adolescent; pass through adolescence.

Adolescent: relating to or peculiar to or suggestive of an adolescent.

Staginess: an artificial and mannered quality.

Brat: a very troublesome ill-mannered or unruly child.

Brattish: (used of an ill-mannered child) impolitely unruly.

Boorish: ill-mannered and coarse and contemptible in behavior or appearance.

How-D'ye-Do: an awkward situation.

Contretemps: an awkward clash.

Awkwardly: in an awkward manner.

Clamber: an awkward climb.

Dear: a sweet innocent mild-mannered person (especially a child).

Faux Pas: a socially awkward or tactless act.

Clod: an awkward stupid person.

Cub: an awkward and inexperienced youth.

Woodenness: the quality of being wooden and awkward.

Wall: a difficult or awkward situation.

Adolescent: a juvenile between the onset of puberty and maturity.

Awkward: not elegant or graceful in expression.

Bad: having undesirable or negative qualities.

Boy: a friendly informal reference to a grown man.

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