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1) Hold Still For, Stand For : برداشت کرنا : (verb) tolerate or bear.


Useful Words

Lectern : مطالعے کی میز , Garter : موزہ بند , Check : قابو میں رکھنا , Bear : اپنے اندر رکھنا , Cup : پیالی بھر , Thimble : انگشتانہ بھر , Appreciate : قدر کرنا , Grasp : مضبوطی سے پکڑنا , Retain : قبضے میں رکھنا , Clutch : گرفت میں لے لینا , Tablespoon : چمچہ بھر , Teaspoon : چائے کا چمچہ , Band : باندھنے والا , Constrain : روکے رکھنا , Hold : متوجہ رکھنا , Scarfpin : آرایشی سرے والی پن , Spoon : چمچہ بھر , Teacup : پیالہ بھر چائے , Tub : ٹب پھر پانی , Accept : تسلیم کرنا , Accept : قبول کرنا , Bag : تھیلا بھر , Brachiate : شاخوں پر جہولنا , Dispense With : چھوڑنا , Cling To : تھامنا , Conceal : چھپانا , Shovel : بیلچہ بھر , Cradle : خیال سے پکڑنا , Bear : کسی انداز میں رکھنا , Scoop : کف گیر بھر , Crucify : محدود رکھنا

Useful Words Definitions

Lectern: desk or stand with a slanted top used to hold a text at the proper height for a lecturer.

Garter: a band (usually elastic) worn around the leg to hold up a stocking (or around the arm to hold up a sleeve).

Check: lessen the intensity of; temper; hold in restraint; hold or keep within limits.

Bear: contain or hold; have within.

Cup: the quantity a cup will hold.

Thimble: as much as a thimble will hold.

Appreciate: hold dear.

Grasp: hold firmly.

Retain: hold back within.

Clutch: take hold of; grab.

Tablespoon: as much as a tablespoon will hold.

Teaspoon: as much as a teaspoon will hold.

Band: a restraint put around something to hold it together.

Constrain: hold back.

Hold: hold the attention of.

Scarfpin: a pin used to hold the tie in place.

Spoon: as much as a spoon will hold.

Teacup: as much as a teacup will hold.

Tub: the amount that a tub will hold.

Accept: consider or hold as true.

Accept: be designed to hold or take.

Bag: the quantity that a bag will hold.

Brachiate: swing from one hold to the next.

Dispense With: do without or cease to hold or adhere to.

Cling To: hold firmly, usually with one`s hands.

Conceal: hold back; keep from being perceived by others.

Shovel: the quantity a shovel can hold.

Cradle: hold gently and carefully.

Bear: support or hold in a certain manner.

Scoop: the quantity a scoop will hold.

Crucify: hold within limits and control.

Related Words

Abide : سہنا

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