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1) Holy War Warriors, Laskar Jihad : انڈونیشیاء کی جہادی تنظیم : (noun) a paramilitary terrorist organization of militant Muslims in Indonesia; wages a jihad against Christians in Indonesia; subscribes to the Wahhabi creed of Islam.


Useful Words

Crusade : صلیبی جنگ , Sabbath : یہودی اور بعض عیسائی فرقوں کا عبادت کا دن , 3rd October Organization : آرمینی عسکری تنظیم , Indonesian : انڈونیشیا کا باشندہ , Abu Nidal Organization : ابو ندال تنظیم , Parang : چاقو , Acrocarpus : بلنگی کا درخت , 17 November : اشتراکی انقلابی جماعت , Common Sickle Pine : جنگلی صنوبر , Java : انڈونیشیا کا ایک جزیرہ , Gamboge Tree : انڈونیشیا کا ایک درخت جس کا پھل بہت فائدہ مند ہوتا ہے , Capital Of Indonesia : انڈونیشیا کا شہر , Holiness : تقدس , Saddhu : ہندو راہب , Crusader : صلیبی جنگ لڑنے والا , Crusade : صلیبی جنگ لڑنا , Hadith : سنت , Profane : غیر مقدس , Quarter Day : سال کی چوتھائی عرصے کو ظاہر کرنے والےچار دنوں میں سے کوئی ایک , Sanctification : تحریم , Holy Roman Emperor : رومی شہنشاہ , High Holiday : تہوار کا دن , Bless : مقدس بنانا , Blessed Trinity : تثلیث , Emanation : روح القدس کی تخلیق , Eid : عید , Jambul : جامن , Achmad Sukarno : انڈونیشیا کا سیاستدان , Communist Party Of Kampuchea : کمبوڈیا کی عسکری تنظیم , Fakeer : فقیر , Purim : یہودیوں کا تہوار

Useful Words Definitions

Crusade: any of the more or less continuous military expeditions in the 11th to 13th centuries when Christian powers of Europe tried to recapture the Holy Land from the Muslims.

Sabbath: a day of rest and worship: Sunday for most Christians; Saturday for the Jews and a few Christians; Friday for Muslims.

3rd October Organization: a militant Marxist-Leninist terrorist organization formed in 1975 to force Turkey to acknowledge killing more than a million Armenians and forcibly removing them from border areas in 1915; wants Turkey to pay reparations and cede territory to Armenia.

Indonesian: a native or inhabitant of Indonesia.

Abu Nidal Organization: a Palestinian international terrorist organization that split from the PLO in 1974; has conducted terrorist attacks in 20 countries.

Parang: a stout straight knife used in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Acrocarpus: small genus of trees of Indonesia and Malaysia.

17 November: a Marxist-Leninist terrorist organization in Greece that is violently opposed to imperialism and capitalism and NATO and the United States; an active terrorist group during the 1980s.

Common Sickle Pine: small tropical rain forest tree of Indonesia and Malaysia.

Java: an island in Indonesia to the south of Borneo; one of the world's most densely populated regions.

Gamboge Tree: low spreading tree of Indonesia yielding an orange to brown gum resin (gamboge) used as a pigment when powdered.

Capital Of Indonesia: capital and largest city of Indonesia; located on the island of Java; founded by the Dutch in 17th century.

Holiness: the quality of being holy.

Saddhu: (Hinduism) an ascetic holy man.

Crusader: a warrior who engages in a holy war.

Crusade: go on a crusade; fight a holy war.

Hadith: (Islam) the way of life prescribed as normative for Muslims on the basis of the teachings and practices of Muhammad and interpretations of the Koran.

Profane: not holy because unconsecrated or impure or defiled.

Quarter Day: a Christian holy day; one of four specified days when certain payments are due.

Sanctification: a religious ceremony in which something is made holy.

Holy Roman Emperor: sovereign of the Holy Roman Empire.

High Holiday: Holy days observed with particular solemnity.

Bless: render holy by means of religious rites.

Blessed Trinity: the union of the Father and Son and Holy Ghost in one Godhead.

Emanation: (theology) the origination of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

Eid: Muslim festival after holy month Ramazan.

Jambul: Jambul or Jamun is a purple coloured Indian summer fruit also found in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

Achmad Sukarno: Indonesian statesman who obtained the independence of Indonesia from the Netherlands in 1949 and served as president until ousted by Suharto in a coup d`etat (1901-1970).

Communist Party Of Kampuchea: a communist organization formed in Cambodia in 1970; became a terrorist organization in 1975 when it captured Phnom Penh and created a government that killed an estimated three million people; was defeated by Vietnamese troops but remained active until 1999.

Fakeer: a Muslim or Hindu mendicant monk who is regarded as a holy man.

Purim: (Judaism) a Jewish holy day commemorating their deliverance from massacre by Haman.

Related Words

Act Of Terrorism : دہشت گردی , Dutch East Indies : انڈونیشیا

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