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1. Honorable, Honest : ایماندار - دیانتدار : (Adjective) Not disposed to cheat or defraud; not deceptive or fraudulent.

I will show you to be honest.
Honest lawyers.+ More

Direct - straightforward in means or manner or behavior or language or action.

2. Honorable, Honourable : معزز : (Adjective) Worthy of being honored; entitled to honor and respect.

An honorable man.
Led an honorable life.+ More

Honorableness, Honourableness - the quality of deserving honor or respect; characterized by honor.

3. Honorable, Ethical, Honourable : اخلاقی : Adhering to ethical and moral principles.

It seems ethical and right.
Followed the only honorable course of action.

4. Honorable, Estimable, Good, Respectable : نامور : Deserving of esteem and respect.

All respectable companies give guarantees.
Ruined the family`s good name.

Reputable - having a good reputation.

Being, Organism - ہستی - a living thing that has (or can develop) the ability to act or function independently.

Cheat, Cheating - دغا - a deception for profit to yourself.

Deceptive, Misleading, Shoddy - گمراہ کن - designed to deceive or mislead either deliberately or inadvertently; "the deceptive calm in the eye of the storm".

Bunco, Con, Defraud, Diddle, Gip, Goldbrick, Gyp, Hornswoggle, Mulct, Nobble, Rook, Scam, Short-Change, Swindle, Victimize - ٹھگنا - deprive of by deceit; "Car dealer defrauded me".

Apt, Disposed, Given, Minded, Tending - تیار ہونا - (usually followed by `to') naturally disposed toward; "he is apt to ignore matters he considers unimportant".

Entitled - حقدار - qualified for by right according to law; "we are all entitled to equal protection under the law".

Deceitful, Fallacious, Fraudulent - فریبی - intended to deceive; "deceitful advertising".

Honor, Honour, Pureness, Purity - آبرو - a woman`s virtue or chastity.

Esteemed, Honored, Prestigious - محترم - having an illustrious reputation; respected; "our esteemed leader".

Non, Not - نہیں - negation of a word or group of words; "Will not go like that".

Obedience, Respect - والدین کی فرمانبرداری کرنا - behavior intended to please your parents; "their children were never very strong on obedience".

Worthy - محترم شخص - an important, honorable person (word is often used humorously); "he told his story to some conservative worthies".

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