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Hoop meaning in Urdu

Hoop Sentence

There was still a rusty iron hoop for tying a horse.

Hoop Synonym

Hoop Definitions

1) Hoop, Ring : چھلا : (noun) a rigid circular band of metal or wood or other material used for holding or fastening or hanging or pulling.


Useful Words

Bar : سریا , Key Ring : چابیوں کا چھلا , Tire : پہیے کا ٹائر , Hoop Snake : بے ضرر امریکی سانپ , Basketball : باسکٹ بال , Snare : ایک سرجیکل آلہ , Shim : کسی شے مثلاً دھات کی پتری , Farthingale : ایک قسم کا لباس یورپی عورتوں کا , Welding : گرم کرکے دو اشیا کو آپس میں جوڑ نا , Chaplet : پھولوں کا ہار , Spike : نوکیلا آلہ , Bob : پنڈولم , Cincture : ازار بند , Sweatband : پسینہ پٹی , Life Belt : ہوا سے بھری ہوئی ربڑ کی ٹیوب , Bracelet : گھڑی کا پٹہ , Abacinate : دھکتی سلاخ سے اندھا کرنا , Buck : گھوڑی آرا , Cringle : پھندا , Anti-Sway Bar : گاڑی کے انجن کا سریا , Clothes Peg : چٹخنی , Nescient : دہریہ , Slat : لمبی پتلی سی لکڑی کی پتری , Shaper : بنانے والا , Plate : تختی , Scratch Awl : ایک قسم کا اوزار , Pole : ڈنڈا , Grave : پتھر یا لکڑی تراش کر شکل دینا , Lumber : عمارتی لکڑی , Sliver : لکڑی کا چھوٹا سا ٹکڑا , Rod : عصا

Useful Words Definitions

Bar: a rigid piece of metal or wood; usually used as a fastening or obstruction or weapon.

Key Ring: a circular ring of metal for holding keys.

Tire: hoop that covers a wheel.

Hoop Snake: any of various harmless North American snakes that were formerly believed to take tail in mouth and roll along like a hoop.

Basketball: a game played on a court by two opposing teams of 5 players; points are scored by throwing the ball through an elevated horizontal hoop.

Snare: a surgical instrument consisting of wire hoop that can be drawn tight around the base of polyps or small tumors to sever them; used especially in body cavities.

Shim: a thin wedge of material (wood or metal or stone) for driving into crevices.

Farthingale: a hoop worn beneath a skirt to extend it horizontally; worn by European women in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Welding: fastening two pieces of metal together by softening with heat and applying pressure.

Chaplet: flower arrangement consisting of a circular band of foliage or flowers for ornamental purposes.

Spike: any holding device consisting of a rigid, sharp-pointed object.

Bob: a hanging weight, especially a metal ball on a string.

Cincture: a band of material around the waist that strengthens a skirt or trousers.

Sweatband: a band of material tied around the forehead or wrist to absorb sweat.

Life Belt: a life preserver in the form of a ring of buoyant material.

Bracelet: a band of cloth or leather or metal links attached to a wristwatch and wrapped around the wrist.

Abacinate: blind by holding a red-hot metal plate before someone's eyes.

Buck: a framework for holding wood that is being sawed.

Cringle: fastener consisting of a metal ring for lining a small hole to permit the attachment of cords or lines.

Anti-Sway Bar: a rigid metal bar between the front suspensions and between the rear suspensions of cars and trucks; serves to stabilize the chassis.

Clothes Peg: wood or plastic fastener; for holding clothes on a clothesline.

Nescient: holding that only material phenomena can be known and knowledge of spiritual matters or ultimate causes is impossible.

Slat: a thin strip (wood or metal).

Shaper: a machine tool for shaping metal or wood.

Plate: a sheet of metal or wood or glass or plastic.

Scratch Awl: a sharp-pointed awl for marking wood or metal to be cut.

Pole: a long (usually round) rod of wood or metal or plastic.

Grave: shape (a material like stone or wood) by whittling away at it.

Lumber: the wood of trees cut and prepared for use as building material.

Sliver: a small thin sharp bit or wood or glass or metal.

Rod: a long thin implement made of metal or wood.

Related Words

Barrel : ڈرم , Nose Ring : ناک کی نت