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Horse Barn meaning in Urdu

Horse Barn Sentence

This horse barn can hold 20 horses.

Horse Barn Synonyms


Horse Barn Definitions

1) Horse Barn, Stable, Stalls : اصطبل, باڑہ : (noun) a farm building for housing horses or other livestock.

Useful Words

Manger : دانہ کھلانے کا برتن , Barn : گودام , Chicken Coop : مرغی خانہ , Horse Cart : گھوڑا گاڑی , Byre : باڑہ , Jockey : پیشہ ور گھڑ سوار , Barnyard : گودام کا رقبہ , Hayloft : چارے کا گودام , Cinch : گہوڑے کا زیربند , Horsey Set : گھوڑوں کے شوقین , Curb : لگام , Horsecloth : گھوڑے کی شال , Mustang : جنگلی گہوڑا , Cockhorse : کھلونا گہوڑا , Selling Race : وہ گھڑ دوڑ جس میں جیتنے والے گہوڑے کو نیلامی کے لئے رکھا جاتا ہے , Hippodrome : گھڑ دوڑ کا میدان , Pegasus : ایک برادر گہوڑا , Stake Race : وہ گھڑ دوڑ جس میں مالک روپے فراہم کرتا ھے , Trotter : دلکی چال چلنے والا گہوڑا , Mixed Farming : مخلوط کاشت , Cowgirl : باڑے والی لڑکی , Groom : اصطبل دار , Cattle Farm : جانوروں کا باڑہ , Garage : گیراج , Chancellery : صدار تی رہائش گاہ , Warhorse : جنگی گہوڑا , Hack : ضعیف گھوڑا , Equine : گہوڑے جیسا , Horse's Foot : گھوڑے کا کھر , Dismount : گھوڑے سے اترنا , Foal : گہوڑے کا بچہ

Useful Words Definitions

Manger: a container (usually in a barn or stable) from which cattle or horses feed.

Barn: an outlying farm building for storing grain or animal feed and housing farm animals.

Chicken Coop: a farm building for housing poultry.

Horse Cart: heavy cart; drawn by a horse; used for farm work.

Byre: a barn for cows.

Jockey: someone employed to ride horses in horse races.

Barnyard: a yard adjoining a barn.

Hayloft: a loft in a barn where hay is stored.

Cinch: stable gear consisting of a band around a horse's belly that holds the saddle in place.

Horsey Set: a set of people sharing a devotion to horses and horseback riding and horse racing.

Curb: a horse`s bit with an attached chain or strap to check the horse.

Horsecloth: A rug or similar cloth used to cover a horse used as horse trapping.

Mustang: small hardy range horse of the western plains descended from horses brought by the Spanish.

Cockhorse: anything used as a toy horse (such as a rocking horse or one knee of an adult).

Selling Race: a horse race in which the winning horse must be put up for auction.

Hippodrome: a stadium for horse shows or horse races.

Pegasus: (Greek mythology) the immortal winged horse that sprang from the blood of the slain Medusa; was tamed by Bellerophon with the help of a bridle given him by Athena; as the flying horse of the Muses it is a symbol of highflying imagination.

Stake Race: a horse race in which part of the prize is put up by the owners of the horses in the race.

Trotter: a horse trained to trot; especially a horse trained for harness racing.

Mixed Farming: growing crops and feed and livestock all on the same farm.

Cowgirl: a woman cowboy who works in livestock ranch or farm.

Groom: someone employed in a stable to take care of the horses.

Cattle Farm: farm consisting of a large tract of land along with facilities needed to raise livestock (especially cattle).

Garage: an outbuilding (or part of a building) for housing automobiles.

Chancellery: a government building housing the office of a chancellor.

Warhorse: horse used in war.

Hack: an old or over-worked horse.

Equine: resembling a horse.

Horse's Foot: the hoof of a horse.

Dismount: alight from (a horse).

Foal: a young horse.

Related Words

Stall : اصطبل

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