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Household meaning in Urdu

Household Sentence

There seems to be a problem in his household because there is a lot of noise is heard outside.

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Household Definitions

1) Household, Family, Home, House, Menage : خاندان, گھرانہ : (noun) a social unit living together.

Useful Words

Housekeep : گھر سنبھالنا , Head Of Household : سربراہ , Hareem : زنان خانہ , Homemaker : گھریلو بیوی , Washday : دھلائی کا دن , Utensil : گھریلو استعمال کے آلات , Sifter : چھلنی , White Sale : سفید اشیا کی فروخت یا نیلامی , Dettol : جراثیم ختم کرنے والا , Retainer : ملازمت کرنے والا , Fixture : جمی ہوئی چیز , Household Linen : سفید چادریں , Domestic : گھریلو ملازم , Housekeeper : گھر سنبھالنے والا , Monomorium Pharaonis : سرخ رنگ کی چیونٹی , Grocer : کریانے والا , Butler : خانسامہ , House Mouse : چوہا , Hope Chest : جہیز کا صندوق , Cupbearer : ساقی , Supermarket : کریانے کی ایک بڑی دکان جہاں کریانے کے سامان کے ساتھ اور چیزیں بھی ملتی ہیں , Scullery : برتن دہونے اور رکھنے کی جگہ , Remittance Man : گھر سے آئی رقم پر بیرون ملک گزارا کرنے والا , Host : میزبان , Domestic : داخلی , Homefolk : علاقے کی لوگ , Homestead : گھر کے باہر کی جگہ , Colony : بستی , House Husband : گھر سنبھالنے والا شوہر , Homelessness : بے گھری , Intermarry : دو خاندانوں کے درمیان شادی

Useful Words Definitions

Housekeep: maintain a household; take care of all business related to a household.

Head Of Household: the head of a household or family or tribe.

Hareem: living quarters reserved for wives and concubines and female relatives in a Muslim household.

Homemaker: a wife who manages a household while her husband earns the family income.

Washday: a day set aside for doing household laundry.

Utensil: an implement for practical use (especially in a household).

Sifter: a household sieve (as for flour).

White Sale: a sale of household linens.

Dettol: a type of surgical or household disinfectant.

Retainer: a person working in the service of another (especially in the household).

Fixture: an object firmly fixed in place (especially in a household).

Household Linen: drygoods for household use that are typically made of white cloth.

Domestic: a servant who is paid to perform menial tasks around the household.

Housekeeper: a servant who is employed to perform domestic task in a household.

Monomorium Pharaonis: small red ant of warm regions; a common household pest.

Grocer: a retail merchant who sells foodstuffs (and some household supplies).

Butler: a manservant (usually the head servant of a household) who has charge of wines and the table.

House Mouse: brownish-grey Old World mouse now a common household pest worldwide.

Hope Chest: chest for storage of clothing (trousseau) and household goods in anticipation of marriage.

Cupbearer: the attendant (usually an officer of a nobleman's household) whose duty is to fill and serve cups of wine.

Supermarket: a large self-service grocery store selling groceries and dairy products and household goods.

Scullery: a small room (in large old British houses) next to the kitchen; where kitchen utensils are cleaned and kept and other rough household jobs are done.

Remittance Man: an exile living on money sent from home.

Host: a person who invites guests to a social event (such as a party in his or her own home) and who is responsible for them while they are there.

Domestic: of or involving the home or family.

Homefolk: the people of your home locality (especially your own family).

Homestead: the home and adjacent grounds occupied by a family.

Colony: a body of people who settle far from home but maintain ties with their homeland; inhabitants remain nationals of their home state but are not literally under the home state`s system of government.

House Husband: a husband who keeps house while his wife earns the family income.

Homelessness: the state or condition of having no home (especially the state of living in the streets).

Intermarry: marry within the same ethnic, social, or family group.

Related Words

Social Unit : گروہ

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