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Hugging Meaning in Urdu

1. Hugging - Clinch - Hug - Squeeze : بغل گیری : (noun) a tight or amorous embrace.

Eid hugging.

Embrace, Embracement, Embracing - the act of clasping another person in the arms (as in greeting or affection).

2. Hugging - Caressing - Cuddling - Fondling - Kissing - Necking - Petting - Smooching - Snuggling : بوس و کنار : (noun) affectionate play (or foreplay without contact with the genital organs).

Snogging - (British informal) cuddle and kiss.

3. Hugging - Bosom - Embrace - Hug - Squeeze : بغل گیر ہونا - لپٹنا : (verb) squeeze (someone) tightly in your arms, usually with fondness.

Clasp - hold firmly and tightly.

4. Hugging - Hug : چست ہونا : (verb) fit closely or tightly.

Adjoin, Contact, Meet, Touch - be in direct physical contact with; make contact.

Useful Words

Affectionate - Fond - Lovesome - Tender - Warm : پیار بھرا : having or displaying warmth or affection. "Affectionate children"

Contact - Get Hold Of - Get Through - Reach : رابطہ کرنا : be in or establish communication with. "Our advertisements reach millions"

Embrace - Embracement - Embracing : گلے لگانا : the act of clasping another person in the arms (as in greeting or affection).

Organ : عضو : a fully differentiated structural and functional unit in an animal that is specialized for some particular function.

Drama - Dramatic Play - Play : کھیل : a dramatic work intended for performance by actors on a stage. "You played a drama"

Tight : تنگ : closely constrained or constricted or constricting. "These clothes have gone tight"

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