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Hyphen meaning in Urdu

Hyphen Sentence

Hyphenate these words and names.

Hyphen Synonyms


Hyphen Definitions

1 of 2) Hyphen, Dash : نشان ربط : (noun) a punctuation mark (-) used between parts of a compound word or between the syllables of a word when the word is divided at the end of a line of text.

2 of 2) Hyphen, Hyphenate : الفاظ کو نشان لگا کر الگ کرنا : (verb) divide or connect with a hyphen.

Useful Words

Inverted Comma : علامت اقتباس , Exclamation Mark : علامت استعجاب , Interrogation Point : سوالیہ نشان , Comma : وقف کی علامت , Full Point : وقف لازم , Semicolon : ٹھہراو کی ایک علامت , Highlighter : موٹا قلم , Acatalectic : سلییبل سے بھرا جملہ , Verse : جملہ , Head : سرخی , Cloven Foot : کھر , Paragraph : پیرا گراف , Landau : ایک قسم کی بگی نما چار پہیوں والی گاڑی , Indent : نشان لگانا , Plash : چھینٹیں مارنا , Mark : وقف لگانا , Rachis : پھول ڈنڈی , Style : اسلوب تحریر , Complex Conjugate : مساوی عدد , Subdivider : ذیلی تقسیم کار , Western : مغربی , Kink : الجھاو , Cycloid : گول , Bottom Line : حساب کتاب میں نفع نقصان ظاہر کرنے والی آخری لکیر , Branch Line : ریل پٹڑی کی چھوٹی سی شاخ , Accented : اہم سیلیبل , Syllabicate : ہجا میں تقسیم کرنا , Octosyllabic : آٹھ رکنی , Line Of Scrimmage : فٹبال کے میدان میں ڈالی جانے والی خط , Array : ترتیب دینا , Perpendicular : عمود

Useful Words Definitions

Inverted Comma: a punctuation mark used to attribute the enclosed text to someone else.

Exclamation Mark: a punctuation mark (!) used after an exclamation.

Interrogation Point: a punctuation mark (?) placed at the end of a sentence to indicate a question.

Comma: a punctuation mark (,) used to indicate the separation of elements within the grammatical structure of a sentence.

Full Point: a punctuation mark (.) placed at the end of a declarative sentence to indicate a full stop or after abbreviations.

Semicolon: a punctuation mark (`;`) used to connect independent clauses; indicates a closer relation than does a period.

Highlighter: a fluorescent marker used to mark important passages in a text.

Acatalectic: (prosody) a line of verse that has the full number of syllables.

Verse: a line of metrical text.

Head: a line of text serving to indicate what the passage below it is about.

Cloven Foot: a hoof divided into two parts at its distal extremity (as of ruminants or swine).

Paragraph: one of several distinct subdivisions of a text intended to separate ideas; the beginning is usually marked by a new indented line.

Landau: a four-wheel covered carriage with a roof divided into two parts (front and back) that can be let down separately.

Indent: cut or tear along an irregular line so that the parts can later be matched for authentication.

Plash: dash a liquid upon or against.

Mark: insert punctuation marks into.

Rachis: axis of a compound leaf or compound inflorescence.

Style: editorial directions to be followed in spelling and punctuation and capitalization and typographical display.

Complex Conjugate: either of two complex numbers whose real parts are identical and whose imaginary parts differ only in sign.

Subdivider: someone who divides parts into smaller parts (especially a divider of land into building sites).

Western: relating to or characteristic of the western parts of the world or the West as opposed to the eastern or oriental parts.

Kink: a sharp bend in a line produced when a line having a loop is pulled tight.

Cycloid: a line generated by a point on a circle rolling along a straight line.

Bottom Line: the last line in an audit; the line that shows profit or loss.

Branch Line: a railway line connected to a trunk line.

Accented: used of syllables.

Syllabicate: divide into syllables.

Octosyllabic: having or characterized by or consisting of eight syllables.

Line Of Scrimmage: line parallel to the goal lines where football linesmen line up at the start of each play in American football.

Array: lay out orderly or logically in a line or as if in a line.

Perpendicular: a straight line at right angles to another line.

Related Words

Punctuation : وقف