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حزبِ مخالف : Hzb Mukhalif Meaning in English

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Hzb Mukhalif in Detail

1) حزب اختلاف حزب مخالف : Opposition : (noun) the major political party opposed to the party in office and prepared to replace it if elected.

Related : Political Party : an organization to gain political power.

Useful Words

محاز آرائی : Confrontation, Opposition : the act of hostile groups opposing each other. "Imran Khan exposed all corrupts politicians so now opposition is saying government will have to go".

مطلق العنانی : Absolutism, Authoritarianism, Caesarism, Despotism, Dictatorship, Monocracy, One-Man Rule, Shogunate, Stalinism, Totalitarianism, Tyranny : a form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator (not restricted by a constitution or laws or opposition etc.). "Authoritarianism in pakistan".

صوتی مزاحمت : Acoustic Impedance, Acoustic Reactance, Acoustic Resistance : opposition to the flow of sound through a surface; acoustic resistance is the real component of acoustic impedance and acoustic reactance is the imaginary component.

مخالف : Adversary, Antagonist, Opponent, Opposer, Resister : someone who offers opposition. "Adversary of the avengers".

اختلاف : Adversative, Oppositive : expressing antithesis or opposition. "The adversative conjunction `but' in `poor but happy'".

مخالف ملحقہ : Adversative Conjunction : the conjunctive relation of units that expresses the opposition of their meanings.

مزاحمت کرنا : Antagonise, Antagonize, Counteract : act in opposition to.

مخالفانہ : Antagonistic, Counter : indicating opposition or resistance. "Counter attitude".

شور : Call, Cry, Outcry, Shout, Vociferation, Yell : a loud utterance; often in protest or opposition. "Weren`t you shouting?".

برائی : Con : in opposition to a proposition, opinion, etc.. "Much was written pro and con".

تضاد : Conflict : opposition between two simultaneous but incompatible feelings. "He was immobilized by conflict and indecision".

تضاد : Contradiction : opposition between two conflicting forces or ideas.

الٹ : Contrary, Opposite, Reverse : a relation of direct opposition. "The police arrested two culprits and asked the questions separately but statement of both culprits were contrary".

موازنہ کرنا : Contrast : put in opposition to show or emphasize differences. "The middle school teacher contrasted her best student's work with that of her weakest student".

جوابی دعوی کرنا : Counterclaim : set up a claim in opposition to a previous claim.

حوصلہ شکنی کرنا : Deter, Discourage : try to prevent; show opposition to. "We should discourage this practice among our youth".

حوصلہ شکنی : Discouragement : the expression of opposition and disapproval.

مخالف ہونا : Dissent, Protest, Resist : express opposition through action or words. "Dissent to the laws of the country".

مخالفت : Expostulation, Objection, Remonstrance, Remonstration : the act of expressing earnest opposition or protest. "Junaid`s father has objection to his joining a political party as he has been arrested several times before".

امریکی ماہر معاشیات : Friedman, Milton Friedman : United States economist noted as a proponent of monetarism and for his opposition to government intervention in the economy (born in 1912). "Friedman was fame in United States".

نا فرمان : Froward, Headstrong, Self-Willed, Wilful, Willful : habitually disposed to disobedience and opposition. "Headstrong son of mine".

سامنے سے : Head-On : in direct opposition; directly. "We must meet the problem head-on".

بے صبرا : Impatient : restless or short-tempered under delay or opposition. "He is very impatient".

بغاوت : Insurrection, Rebellion, Revolt, Rising, Uprising : organized opposition to authority; a conflict in which one faction tries to wrest control from another. "Millions of people preparing to revolt against government".

منفی : Negative : characterized by or displaying negation or denial or opposition or resistance; having no positive features. "A negative outlook on life".

مخالفت کرنا : Oppose : be against; express opposition to. "We must oppose worldly law and enforce the law of Allah".

حجت کرنے والا : Polemic, Polemicist, Polemist : a writer who argues in opposition to others (especially in theology).

پہلو : Position, Side : an opinion that is held in opposition to another in an argument or dispute. "There are two sides to every question".

نظریہ : Quakerism : the theological doctrine of the Society of Friends characterized by opposition to war and rejection of ritual and a formal creed and an ordained ministry.

متعاملیت : Reactance : opposition to the flow of electric current resulting from inductance and capacitance (rather than resistance).

کسی چیز کی مخالفت میں دلائلٴ پیش کرنا : Remonstrate : argue in protest or opposition.

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