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Ice-Cold meaning in Urdu

Ice-Cold Definitions

1) Ice-Cold : برف جیسا, شدید سرد : (satellite adjective) as cold as ice.


Useful Words

Freeze : ٹھنڈا ہونا , Stone-Cold : نہایت ٹھنڈا , Arctic : سرد , Shiver : کانپنا , Shivery : کپکپانے والا , Icily : سرد مہری سے , Cold-Bloodedly : بے رحمی سے , Coldly : بے رحمی سے , Chilliness : سردی , Crisp : سخت سرد , Chap : ہونٹ سوکھنا , Chill : سردی , Bleak : سرد , Acold : سردی زدہ , Freeze : سردی سے جمناے والا , Bony : بیماری یا بہوک کی وجہ سے نہایت کمزور , Cold Wave : سرد کی لہر , Frigorific : جمانے والا , Condensate : انجماد , Nasal Congestion : ناک کی بندش , Snowsuit : برفانی جیکٹ , Cool : سرد , Chapped : سوکھے , Cough : کھانسنا , Macedoine : سلاد , Thermos : تھرماس , Shake : کپکپی , Biting : چبھتا , Bactrian Camel : دو کوہان والا اونٹ , Frozen : ٹھنڈک سے جمانا , Chilblain : سردیوں میں جلد کا پھٹنا

Useful Words Definitions

Freeze: be cold.

Stone-Cold: completely cold.

Arctic: extremely cold.

Shiver: shake, as from cold.

Shivery: cold enough to cause shivers.

Icily: in a cold and icy manner.

Cold-Bloodedly: in cold blood.

Coldly: in a cold unemotional manner.

Chilliness: the property of being moderately cold.

Crisp: pleasantly cold and invigorating.

Chap: a crack in a lip caused usually by cold.

Chill: coldness due to a cold environment.

Bleak: unpleasantly cold and damp.

Acold: of persons; feeling cold.

Freeze: weather cold enough to cause freezing.

Bony: very thin especially from disease or hunger or cold.

Cold Wave: a wave of unusually cold weather.

Frigorific: causing cold; cooling or chilling.

Condensate: atmospheric moisture that has condensed because of cold.

Nasal Congestion: nasal blockage usually due to allergy, cold or flu etc.

Snowsuit: a child's overgarment for cold weather.

Cool: neither warm nor very cold; giving relief from heat.

Chapped: used of skin roughened as a result of cold or exposure.

Cough: exhale abruptly, as when one has a chest cold or congestion.

Macedoine: mixed diced fruits or vegetables; hot or cold.

Thermos: vacuum flask that preserves temperature of hot or cold drinks.

Shake: a reflex motion caused by cold or fear or excitement.

Biting: causing a sharply painful or stinging sensation; used especially of cold.

Bactrian Camel: two-humped camel of the cold deserts of central Asia.

Frozen: turned into ice; affected by freezing or by long and severe cold.

Chilblain: inflammation of the hands and feet caused by exposure to cold and moisture.

Related Words

Cold : سرد

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