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1. Idea, Thought : خیال - تصور : (Noun) The content of cognition; the main thing you are thinking about.

It was not a good idea.
The thought never entered my mind.

Cogitation - a carefully considered thought about something.

2. Idea, Mind : سوچ : (Noun) Your intention; what you intend to do.

He had in mind to see his old teacher.
The idea of the game is to capture all the pieces.

Aim, Design, Intent, Intention, Purpose - an anticipated outcome that is intended or that guides your planned actions.

3. Idea, Approximation, Estimate, Estimation : تخمینہ : (Noun) An approximate calculation of quantity or degree or worth.

An estimate of what it would cost.
A rough idea how long it would take.

Calculation, Computation, Figuring, Reckoning - problem solving that involves numbers or quantities.

4. Idea, Melodic Theme, Musical Theme, Theme : مرکزی نغمہ - مرکزی ترنم : (Noun) (music) melodic subject of a musical composition.

The theme is announced in the first measures.
The accompanist picked up the idea and elaborated it.

Music - an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner.

About, Astir - مصروف - on the move; "up and about".

Cognition, Knowledge, Noesis - شعور - the psychological result of perception and learning and reasoning; "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing".

Content - اجزا - everything that is included in a collection and that is held or included in something; "he emptied the contents of his pockets".

Do, Doctor Of Osteopathy - ڈگری - doctor`s degree in osteopathy.

Intend, Mean, Think - ارادہ رکھنا - have in mind as a purpose; "Intent to keep fast".

Intention - نیت - an act of intending; a volition that you intend to carry out; "He had right intention".

Chief, Main, Master, Primary, Principal - اہم - most important element; "the chief aim of living".

Thing - چیز - a separate and self-contained entity.

Cerebration, Intellection, Mentation, Thinking, Thought, Thought Process - خیال - the process of using your mind to consider something carefully; "I was just thinking about you".