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Identification meaning in Urdu

Identification Sentence

The thief's identification was followed quickly by his arrest.

Identification Synonyms

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Identification in Detail

1 of 4) Identification, Designation : شناخت کرنے کا عمل : (noun) the act of designating or identifying something.

Related : Diagnosis : identifying the nature or cause of some phenomenon.

2 of 4) Identification : شناخت : (noun) evidence of identity; something that identifies a person or thing.

Related : Evidence : an indication that makes something evident. Imprint : an identification of a publisher; a publisher's name along with the date and address and edition that is printed at the bottom of the title page.

3 of 4) Identification : پہچان, شناخت : (noun) the condition of having the identity (of a person or object) established.

Identification of the gun was an important clue.

Related : Status : a state at a particular time.

4 of 4) Identification, Recognition : شناخت : (noun) the process of recognizing something or someone by remembering.

Related : Remembering : the cognitive processes whereby past experience is remembered.

Useful Words

Aba Transit Number, Bank Identification Number, Bin : بینک کا کوڈ : an identification number consisting of a two-part code assigned to banks and savings associations; the first part shows the location and the second identifies the bank itself.

Recognition : تائید : designation by the chair granting a person the right to speak in a deliberative body. "He was unable to make his motion because he couldn't get recognition by the chairman".

Hearing : سماعت : (law) a proceeding (usually by a court) where evidence is taken for the purpose of determining an issue of fact and reaching a decision based on that evidence. "Next hearing will be interesting".

Style, Title : نام دینا : designate by an identifying term. "They styled their nation `The Confederate States'".

Diagnosing, Diagnosis : تشخیص : identifying the nature or cause of some phenomenon. "The diagnosis revealed that he had a blood clot in his brain, so he had a stroke".

Additive, Linear : لکیری : designating or involving an equation whose terms are of the first degree.

Stereo, Stereophonic, Two-Channel : بیک وقت دو جگہ سے آنے والی آواز : designating sound transmission from two sources through two channels. "He set up a new stereo system in his car".

Blue-Collar : مزدوری : of or designating manual industrial work or workers. "Qasim is working a blue-collar job".

Appellation, Appellative, Denomination, Designation : لقب : identifying word or words by which someone or something is called and classified or distinguished from others. "Your designation please".

Form Of Address, Title, Title Of Respect : خطاب : an identifying appellation signifying status or function: e.g. `Mr.' or `General'. "The professor didn't like his friends to use his formal title".

White-Collar : سیٹ پر بیٹھ کر کی جانے والی نوکری : of or designating salaried professional or clerical work or workers. "The coal miner's son aspired to a white-collar occupation as a bookkeeper".

Caregiver, Health Care Provider, Health Professional, Pcp, Primary Care Provider : معالج : a person who helps in identifying or preventing or treating illness or disability. "He has been paralyzed since ages and hired a caregiver in his home to look after him".

Trademark : تجارتی نشان : a formally registered symbol identifying the manufacturer or distributor of a product.

Commemoration, Memorial, Remembrance : عرس : a recognition of meritorious service.

Honorable Mention, Mention : اعزازی ذکر : an official recognition of merit. "Although he didn`t win the prize he did get special mention".

Approbation : قبولیت : official recognition or approval.

Salutation, Salute : آداب : an act of honor or courteous recognition. "A musical salute to the composer on his birthday".

Conscious : آگاہ : (followed by `of') showing realization or recognition of something. "Few voters seem conscious of the issue's importance".

Efface, Obliterate : مٹانا : remove completely from recognition or memory. "Efface the memory of the time in the camps".

Aspirant, Aspiring, Wishful : حسرت بھرا : desiring or striving for recognition or advancement.

Accepted, Recognised, Recognized : مانا ہوا : generally approved or compelling recognition. "Several accepted techniques for treating the condition".

Unrecognisable, Unrecognizable : ناقابل پہچان : defying recognition as e.g. because of damage or alteration.

High Sign : خفیہ اشارہ : a silent signal of warning or recognition. "She started to speak but he gave her the high sign".

Worthy : لائق : having qualities or abilities that merit recognition in some way. "You are not worthy of this".

Self-Made : جو اللہ کے بعد اپنی محنت سے کچھ بنے : having achieved success or recognition by your own efforts. "A self-made millionaire".

Indebted : احسان مند : owing gratitude or recognition to another for help or favors etc.

Armband : بطور سوگ بازو پر باندھنے کی پٹی : worn around arm as identification or to indicate mourning.

Label : نشان : a brief description given for purposes of identification. "The label Modern is applied to many different kinds of architecture".

Ovation, Standing Ovation : پر جوش استقبال : enthusiastic recognition (especially one accompanied by loud applause).

Acknowledge, Notice : اقرار کرنا : express recognition of the presence or existence of, or acquaintance with. "He never acknowledges his colleagues when they run into him in the hallway".

Honoree : اعزاز حاصل کرنے والا : a recipient of honors in recognition of noteworthy accomplishments. "Miss Lisa named honoree of the year 2015".

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