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عِلم کا نہ ہونا : Ilm Ka Na Hona Meaning in English

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Ilm Ka Na Hona in Detail

1) ناواقفیت علم کا نہ ہونا ناواقف : Ignorantness Nescience Unknowing Unknowingness : (noun) ignorance (especially of orthodox beliefs).

Related : Ignorance : the lack of knowledge or education.


Useful Words

ناواقفیت سے : Ignorantly : in ignorance; in an ignorant manner. "They lived ignorantly in their own small world".

جہالت کا دور : Night : a period of ignorance or backwardness or gloom.

توہم پرستی : Superstition, Superstitious Notion : an irrational belief arising from ignorance or fear.

معلوماتی : Enlightening, Illuminating, Informative : tending to increase knowledge or dissipate ignorance. "An enlightening glimpse of government in action".

خطا : Error, Fault, Mistake : a wrong action attributable to bad judgment or ignorance or inattention. "Point out my fault".

مذہب چھوڑنے کا عمل : Apostasy, Defection, Renunciation : the state of having rejected your religious beliefs or your political party or a cause (often in favor of opposing beliefs or causes).

مذہبی کٹر پن : Orthodoxy : the quality of being orthodox (especially in religion).

یونانی کیتہولک کا رکن : Greek Catholic : a member of the Greek Orthodox Church.

ہندو مذہب : Brahmanism, Brahminism : the religious and social system of orthodox Hinduism.

شیعہ : Shia, Shiah, Shiah Islam : one of the two main branches of orthodox Islam; mainly in Iran.

عقیدے سے انحراف : Heresy, Unorthodoxy : a belief that rejects the orthodox tenets of a religion.

قبائلیت : Tribalism : the beliefs of a tribal society.

مرتد ہوجانا : Apostatise, Apostatize, Tergiversate : abandon one`s beliefs or allegiances. "He apostatized and flee".

مسلک : Orientation : an integrated set of attitudes and beliefs.

اعتقاد : Credo, Creed : any system of principles or beliefs.

رفض : Heresy, Heterodoxy, Unorthodoxy : any opinions or doctrines at variance with the official or orthodox position. "He is accused of heresy".

کیتہولک عیسائیت : Catholicism, Catholicity : the beliefs and practices of a Catholic Church.

شکی : Doubter, Sceptic, Skeptic : someone who habitually doubts accepted beliefs. "Sceptic wife".

مسلک : Cult, Cultus, Religious Cult : a system of religious beliefs and rituals. "The cultus of the Greek church".

تجزیہ ذات : Self-Analysis, Soul-Searching : a penetrating examination of your own beliefs and motives.

روادار ہونا : Tolerate : recognize and respect (rights and beliefs of others). "We must tolerate the religions of others".

لفظیت : Expression, Verbal Expression, Verbalism : the communication (in speech or writing) of your beliefs or opinions. "Expressions of good will".

عقیدے سے انحرافی : Dissident, Heretical, Heterodox : characterized by departure from accepted beliefs or standards.

دینیات : Theological System, Theology : a particular system or school of religious beliefs and teachings. "Jewish theology".

سکھ فرقہ سے متعلق : Sikh : of or relating to the Sikhs or their religious beliefs and customs.

روایت شکنی سے متعلق : Iconoclastic : characterized by attack on established beliefs or institutions.

منافقت : Hypocrisy : insincerity by virtue of pretending to have qualities or beliefs that you do not really have. "Hypocrisy is common in society".

سیکھنے والا : Assimilator, Learner, Scholar : someone (especially a child) who learns (as from a teacher) or takes up knowledge or beliefs.

رومی کیتہولک عیسائی فرقہ : Papism, Roman Catholicism, Romanism : the beliefs and practices of the Catholic Church based in Rome.

عدم رواداری : Intolerance : unwillingness to recognize and respect differences in opinions or beliefs.

ایک ہی مسلک کو مانے والے : Cult : followers of an exclusive system of religious beliefs and practices.

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