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Imf meaning in Urdu

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International monetary fund is IMF.

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Imf Definitions

1) Imf, International Monetary Fund : انٹرنیشنل مونیٹری فنڈ : (noun) a United Nations agency to promote trade by increasing the exchange stability of the major currencies.

IMF asks Pakistan to do more.


Useful Words

Un : اقوام متحدہ , Valuable : قیمتی , Devaluation : کرنسی کی قدر کم ہونے کا عمل , Trade : تجارت , Free Trader : آزاد تجارت کا حامی , Free Trade : آزادانہ تجارت , Common Market : یورپی اتحاد , General Assembly : اقوام متحدہ کی عمومی مجلس , Air Force : امریکی فضائیہ , Admiralty Law : بحری قانون , Sc : سکیورٹی کونسل , Hearing Examiner : تفتیشی اہلکار , Usance : ادئیگی کی میعاد , Aec : امریکی جوہری ایجنسی , Ben Hogan : امریکی گالفر , Agio : غیر ملکی زر مبادلہ کے لین دین کی فیس , British Commonwealth : برطانوی دولت مشترکہ , Upset : نقصان پہنچانا , Aclant : نیٹو کا اہم فوجی اڈاہ , Inconvertible : ناقابل تبدیل , Ai : امریکی فوجی حساس ادارہ , Unstable : غیر مستحکم , Exchange : مبادلہ , Anchor : تکیہ , Convertibility : مبادلہ , Afisr : امریکی ایجنسی , Swap : اشیاء کا تبادلہ کرنا , Black Market : کالا بازار , Adjusted : حالات کے موافق , Kenya : کینیا , Disburse : ادا کرنا

Useful Words Definitions

Un: an organization of independent states formed in 1945 to promote international peace and security.

Valuable: having great material or monetary value especially for use or exchange.

Devaluation: an official lowering of a nation`s currency, devaluation can be described as the deliberate reduction in the established exchange rate of a nation`s currency, resulting in a decrease in its value concerning the currencies of other countries..

Trade: the commercial exchange (buying and selling on domestic or international markets) of goods and services.

Free Trader: an advocate of unrestricted international trade.

Free Trade: international trade free of government interference.

Common Market: an international organization of European countries formed after World War II to reduce trade barriers and increase cooperation among its members.

General Assembly: the supreme deliberative assembly of the United Nations.

Air Force: the airforce of the United States of America; the agency that defends the United States through control and exploitation of air and space.

Admiralty Law: the branch of international law that deals with territorial and international waters or with shipping or with ocean fishery etc..

Sc: a permanent council of the United Nations; responsible for preserving world peace.

Hearing Examiner: an official appointed by a government agency to conduct an investigation or administrative hearing so that the agency can exercise its statutory powers.

Usance: the period of time permitted by commercial usage for the payment of a bill of exchange (especially a foreign bill of exchange).

Aec: a former executive agency (from 1946 to 1974) that was responsible for research into atomic energy and its peacetime uses in the United States.

Ben Hogan: United States golfer who won many major golf tournaments (1912-1997).

Agio: a fee charged for exchanging currencies.

British Commonwealth: an association of nations consisting of the United Kingdom and several former British colonies that are now sovereign states but still pay allegiance to the British Crown.

Upset: disturb the balance or stability of.

Aclant: a major strategic headquarters of NATO located in the United States; is under the authority of the North Atlantic Council.

Inconvertible: used especially of currencies; incapable of being exchanged for or replaced by another currency of equal value.

Ai: an agency of the United States Army responsible for providing timely and relevant and accurate and synchronized intelligence to tactical and operational and strategic level commanders.

Unstable: lacking stability or fixity or firmness.

Exchange: reciprocal transfer of equivalent sums of money (especially the currencies of different countries).

Anchor: a central cohesive source of support and stability.

Convertibility: the quality of being exchangeable (especially the ability to convert a currency into gold or other currencies without restriction).

Afisr: an agency focused on ensuring that the United States military attains information superiority; operates worldwide ground sites and an array of airborne reconnaissance and surveillance platforms.

Swap: exchange or give (something) in exchange for.

Black Market: an illegal market in which goods or currencies are bought and sold in violation of rationing or controls.

Adjusted: adjusted to demands of daily living; showing emotional stability.

Kenya: a republic in eastern Africa; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1963; major archeological discoveries have been made in the Great Rift Valley in Kenya.

Disburse: expend, as from a fund.

Imf in Book Titles

Human Rights Obligations of the World Bank and the IMF.
Inside the IMF: An Ethnography of Documents, Technology and Organisational Action.
Historical Dictionary of the IMF.

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