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امکان : Imkan Meaning in English

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1 of 4) امکان : Possibility Possibleness : (noun) capability of existing or happening or being true.

Related : Existence : the state or fact of existing. Conceivableness : the state of being conceivable. Attainableness : the state of being achievable.


2 of 4) امکان احتمال : Chance Probability : (noun) a measure of how likely it is that some event will occur; a number expressing the ratio of favorable cases to the whole number of cases possible.

Related : Quantity : how much there is or how many there are of something that you can quantify.

3 of 4) امکان : Probability : (noun) the quality of being probable; a probable event or the most probable event.

Related : Quality : an essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone.

4 of 4) امکان : Expectation : (noun) the feeling that something is about to happen.

Related : Feeling : the experiencing of affective and emotional states. Expectancy : an expectation.

Useful Words

ہم آہنگی : Compatibility : capability of existing or performing in harmonious or congenial combination. "This might be caused by a compatibility problem".

ہم وقتی : Simultaneity, Simultaneousness : happening or existing or done at the same time.

جواز : Cause, Grounds, Reason : a justification for something existing or happening. "He had no cause to complain".

موجودہ : Present : temporal sense; intermediate between past and future; now existing or happening or in consideration. "The present leader".

قابل حصول : Accomplishable, Achievable, Doable, Manageable, Realizable : capable of existing or taking place or proving true; possible to do.

پہنچ : Compass, Grasp, Range, Reach : the limit of capability. "Within the compass of education".

حفاظت پذیری : Defensibility : capability of being defended. "They built their castles with an eye to their defensibility".

بگڑنے کی صلاحیت : Corruptibility : the capability of being corrupted.

لاعسکری کرنا : Demilitarise, Demilitarize, Disarm : remove offensive capability from. "Disarm the people in Karachi".

سکت : Capacity : capability to perform or produce. "Among his gifts is his capacity for true altruism".

علاج پذیری : Curability, Curableness : capability of being cured or healed.

غور و فکر : Reflectiveness, Reflectivity : the capability of quiet thought or contemplation.

بہتر کرنے والی اضافی شے : Accessory, Add-On, Appurtenance, Supplement : a supplementary component that improves capability.

یقین کرنا : Believe : accept as true; take to be true. "How do I make you believe ?".

مرضی : Volition, Will : the capability of conscious choice and decision and intention. "It was my will".

منطقی : Logical : capable of or reflecting the capability for correct and valid reasoning. "A logical mind".

جاری ہونا : On-Going, Ongoing : currently happening. "Work ongoing".

صلاحیت : Military Capability, Military Posture, Military Strength, Posture, Strength : capability in terms of personnel and materiel that affect the capacity to fight a war. "We faced an army of great strength".

اچانک : All Of A Sudden, Of A Sudden, Suddenly : happening unexpectedly. "He has deceived you in recent past so how could you trust him all of a sudden?".

ساتھ ساتھ : Coincidentally, Coincidently : happening at the same time.

دوپہر کا : Meridian : of or happening at noon. "Meridian hour".

رات کو رونما ہونے والا : Nightly : happening every night. "Nightly television now goes on until 3:00 or 4:00 am".

روکنا : Block, Halt, Kibosh, Stop : stop from happening or developing. "Block his election".

دوبارہ ہونا : Recurrence, Return : happening again (especially at regular intervals). "The return of spring".

بر وقت : Seasonable, Timely, Well Timed, Well-Timed : done or happening at the appropriate or proper time. "A timely warning".

بھڑک اٹھنا : Burst, Flare-Up, Outburst : a sudden intense happening. "An outburst of heavy rain in city".

آپریشن کے بعد : Postoperative : happening or done after a surgical operation. "Postoperative complications".

روکنا : Forbid, Foreclose, Forestall, Preclude, Prevent : keep from happening or arising; make impossible. "Tight security was in place to prevent the attack on the president`s arrival".

وقفے وقفے سے : Periodic, Periodical : happening or recurring at regular intervals. "The periodic appearance of the seventeen-year locust".

سلسلہ وار : Series : similar things placed in order or happening one after another. "They were investigating a series of bank robberies".

اپنے آپ : Self-Generated, Spontaneous : happening or arising without apparent external cause. "The power plant was out of order but later turned on spontaneously".

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