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Immorality meaning in Urdu

Immorality Sentence

The immorality of basing the defense of the West on the threat of mutual assured destruction.

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Immorality Definitions

1 of 2) Immorality : غیر اخلاقی : (noun) the quality of not being in accord with standards of right or good conduct.

2 of 2) Immorality, Evil, Iniquity, Wickedness : بدکرداری, بد کاری, بد اعمالی : (noun) morally objectionable behavior.

Useful Words

Morality : اخلاقیات , Incorrupt : ایمان دار , Immoralist : بداخلاق شخص , Comstockery : غیر اخلاقی مواد پر پابندی , Enormity : گناہگاری , Nonconformist : سرکش , Conformist : مقلد , Decency : معقولیت , Latitudinarian : مذہبی طور پر آزاد خیال , Reclaim : سدھارنا , Conscientiousness : باضمیری , Indecorous : نامعقول , Decorous : معقول , Quality Control : ضبط معیار , Malevolence : نقصان دہ , Crack Of Doom : قیامت کا دن , Balefulness : شر , Malignance : شر , Iniquitous : گناہ کی بات , Grandeur : شرافت , Choiceness : خوبی , Excellent : عمدہ , Beauteousness : خوبصورتی , Honor : غیرت , Healthfulness : تندرستی , Serviceability : خدمت کی اہلیت , Wholesomeness : سود مندی , Solid : معیاری , Elegance : کوئی نفیس شے شائستگی , Glossy : عمدہ کاغذ والا , Sensibleness : ادراک

Useful Words Definitions

Morality: concern with the distinction between good and evil or right and wrong; right or good conduct.

Incorrupt: free of corruption or immorality.

Immoralist: a person who advocates or practises immorality.

Comstockery: censorship because of perceived obscenity or immorality.

Enormity: the quality of extreme wickedness.

Nonconformist: someone who refuses to conform to established standards of conduct.

Conformist: someone who conforms to established standards of conduct (especially in religious matters).

Decency: the quality of conforming to standards of propriety and morality; the quality of being polite and respectable.

Latitudinarian: a person who is broad-minded and tolerant (especially in standards of religious belief and conduct).

Reclaim: bring, lead, or force to abandon a wrong or evil course of life, conduct, and adopt a right one.

Conscientiousness: the quality of being in accord with the dictates of conscience.

Indecorous: lacking propriety and good taste in manners and conduct.

Decorous: characterized by propriety and dignity and good taste in manners and conduct.

Quality Control: maintenance of standards of quality of manufactured goods.

Malevolence: the quality of threatening evil.

Crack Of Doom: (New Testament) day at the end of time following Armageddon when God will decree the fates of all individual humans according to the good and evil of their earthly lives.

Balefulness: the quality or nature of being harmful or evil.

Malignance: quality of being disposed to evil; intense ill will.

Iniquitous: characterized by iniquity; wicked because it is believed to be a sin.

Grandeur: the quality of elevation of mind and exaltation of character or ideals or conduct.

Choiceness: the quality of being very good indeed.

Excellent: very good;of the highest quality.

Beauteousness: the quality of being good looking and attractive.

Honor: the quality of being honorable and having a good name.

Healthfulness: the quality of promoting good health.

Serviceability: the quality of being able to provide good service.

Wholesomeness: the quality of being beneficial and generally good for you.

Solid: of good quality and condition; solidly built.

Elegance: a refined quality of gracefulness and good taste.

Glossy: a magazine printed on good quality paper.

Sensibleness: the quality of showing good sense or practical judgment.

Related Words

Evildoing : حکم عدولی , Irreverence : گستاخی , Quality : معیار , Unrighteousness : بے انصافی , Corruption : بد کاری , Corruptibility : بگڑنے کی صلاحیت , Licentiousness : عیاشی , Anomie : معاشرے میں اخلاقی معیار کی کمی , Evil : شر