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Implant 🔊 Meaning in Urdu

Implant Sentence

The dentist implanted a tooth in the gum.

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Implant in Detail

1/2) Mazbooti Se Jama Dena مضبوطی سے جما دینا Nasab Karna نصب کرنا Lagana لگانا : Embed Engraft Imbed Plant Implant : (verb) fix or set securely or deeply.

Related : Introduce : put or introduce into something.


2/2) Zehen Nasheen Karna ذہن نشین کرنا : Plant Implant : (verb) put firmly in the mind.

Related : Put Across : transmit information ahead.

Implant in Book Titles

Implant Site Development.
Dental Implant Prosthetics.
Contemporary Implant Dentistry.
Implant Treatment Planning for the Edentulous Patient - E-Book.

Useful Words

Firm Firmly Steadfastly Unwaveringly : Sabit Qadmi Se ثابت قدمی سے : with resolute determination. "We firmly believed it"

Bushel Doctor Fix Furbish Up Mend Repair Restore Touch On : Marammat Karna مرمت کرنا : restore by replacing a part or putting together what is torn or broken. "Mend your ways"

Mind : Bura Manana برا منانا : be offended or bothered by; take offense with, be bothered by. "Didn`t you mind ?"

Lay Place Pose Position Put Set : Rakhna رکھنا : put into a certain place or abstract location. "Where do I put it ?"

Set : Set سیٹ : a group of things of the same kind that belong together and are so used. "A set of books"