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Imposingly meaning in Urdu

پُرشوکت طریقے سے
Musar Tor Par
موٴثر طور پر

Imposingly Synonym

Imposingly Definitions

1) Imposingly, Impressively : پرشوکت طریقے سے, موٴثر طور پر : (adverb) in an impressive manner.


Useful Words

Gorgeously : شان و شوکت سے , Venerable : قابل احترام , Formidability : مشکل , Baronial : شان دار , Whacker : بڑی اور متاثر کن قسم کی چیز , Important-Looking : دیکھنے میں اچھا , Panoply : کسی چیز کا مکمل غلاف , Prodigy : حیرت انگیز شے , Astonishing : حیران کن , Brainy : ذہین , Raw Beauty : سادہ خوبصورتی , Ampleness : وسعت , Giant : دیو جیسا , Dazzling : کپکپی کا طاری ہونا , Expansive : عالیشان , Country House : گاوں کی حویلی , Grand : وسیع و عریض , Grandiose : وسیع و عریض , Epic : شاندار , Stature : قدرتی اٹھان , Firmly : حفاظت سے , Fain : مرضی سے , Volitionally : مرضی سے , Cause : قائل کرنا , Decent : مناسب طور پر , However : چاہے جیسے بھی , Gaily : خوش دلی سے , Appropriately : مناسب طریقے سے , Coyly : شرما تے ہوۓ , Wryly : ٹیڑھے پن سے , Differently : مختلف انداز سے

Useful Words Definitions

Gorgeously: in an impressively beautiful manner.

Venerable: impressive by reason of age.

Formidability: impressive difficulty.

Baronial: impressive in appearance.

Whacker: something especially big or impressive of its kind.

Important-Looking: impressive in appearance.

Panoply: a complete and impressive array.

Prodigy: an impressive or wonderful example of a particular quality.

Astonishing: so surprisingly impressive as to stun or overwhelm.

Brainy: having or marked by unusual and impressive intelligence.

Raw Beauty: beauty that is stark and powerfully impressive.

Ampleness: the property of impressive largeness in size.

Giant: a very large person; impressive in size or qualities.

Dazzling: amazingly impressive; suggestive of the flashing of lightning.

Expansive: of behavior that is impressive and ambitious in scale or scope.

Country House: a house (usually large and impressive) on an estate in the country.

Grand: large and impressive in physical size or extent.

Grandiose: impressive because of unnecessary largeness or grandeur; used to show disapproval.

Epic: very imposing or impressive; surpassing the ordinary (especially in size or scale).

Stature: high level of respect gained by impressive development or achievement.

Firmly: in a secure manner; in a manner free from danger.

Fain: in a willing manner.

Volitionally: in a willing manner.

Cause: cause to do; cause to act in a specified manner.

Decent: in the right manner.

However: in whatever way or manner.

Gaily: in a gay manner.

Appropriately: in an appropriate manner.

Coyly: in a coy manner.

Wryly: in a wry manner.

Differently: in another and different manner.

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