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Inamorata 🔊 Meaning in Urdu

Inamorata Sentence

I`m not your inamorata.

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Inamorata in Detail

1) Inamorata : معشوقہ Mashooqa : (noun) a woman with whom you are in love or have an intimate relationship.

His inamorata was not very attractive.

Urdu Synonym(s) : محبوبہ Mheboba

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Useful Words

Consume Have Ingest Take Take In : استعمال کرنا Estamal Karna : serve oneself to, or consume regularly. "Have another bowl of chicken soup!"

Cozy Informal Intimate : دوستانہ Dostana : having or fostering a warm or friendly and informal atmosphere. "I don`t even know him and I am confused why he wants be intimate with me"

Love : پیار Pyaar : a strong positive emotion of regard and affection. "Have you ever fallen in love with someone?"

Human Relationship Relationship : تعلق Taluq : a relation between people; (`relationship` is often used where `relation` would serve, as in `the relationship between inflation and unemployment`, but the preferred usage of `relationship` is for human relations or states of relatedness). "I am not just spending time with you, I want to be in a relationship with you"

Adult Female Woman : عورت Aurat : an adult female person (as opposed to a man). "A woman is made to be respected"

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