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Infallible meaning in Urdu

Infallible Sentence

An infallible antidote.

Infallible Definitions

1) Infallible : بے خطا, جس سے غلطی نا ہو : (adjective) incapable of failure or error.

An infallible memory.
The Catholic Church considers the Pope infallible.+ More


Useful Words

Oracle : پیشنگوئی , Nephroangiosclerosis : گردوں کی سوزش سے مشابہ مرض , Errorless : بے خطا , Slip Up : غلطی ہونا یا کرنا , False : غلط , Inerrable : بے خطا , Faultless : بے عیب , Faultlessness : بے قصوری , Infallibility : بے خطا , Antiseptic : غلطی سے پاک , Reclamation : اصلاح , Foolproof : غلطی سے پاک کرنا , Redress : تلافی کرنا , Seducer : بہکانے والا , Gloss Over : چھپانا , Correct : ٹھیک , Intolerable : ناقابل برداشت , Nontransferable : جسے منتقل نا کیا جاسکے , Implacable : کٹہور , Immovably : بے حرکتی سے , Infertile : بنجر , Impassable : ناقابل گزر , Incurable : ناقابل علاج , Inflexible : اٹل , Unquestionable : مستند , Unthinkable : ناقابل تصور , Incorruptible : ناقابل تحلیل , Disconsolate : غمگین ہونا , Indissoluble : ناقابل حل , Indefensible : ناجائز , Incontestable : ناقابل تردید

Useful Words Definitions

Oracle: a prophecy (usually obscure or allegorical) revealed by a priest or priestess; believed to be infallible.

Nephroangiosclerosis: kidney disease that is usually associated with hypertension; sclerosis of the renal arterioles reduces blood flow that can lead to kidney failure and heart failure.

Errorless: free from error.

Slip Up: make an error.

False: arising from error.

Inerrable: not liable to error.

Faultless: without fault or error.

Faultlessness: the quality of being without an error or fault.

Infallibility: the quality of never making an error.

Antiseptic: freeing from error or corruption.

Reclamation: rescuing from error and returning to a rightful course.

Foolproof: proof against human misuse or error.

Redress: act of correcting an error or a fault or an evil.

Seducer: a bad person who entices others into error or wrongdoing.

Gloss Over: cover up a misdemeanor, fault, or error.

Correct: free from error; especially conforming to fact or truth.

Intolerable: incapable of being put up with.

Nontransferable: incapable of being transferred.

Implacable: incapable of being placated.

Immovably: so as to be incapable of moving.

Infertile: incapable of reproducing.

Impassable: incapable of being passed.

Incurable: incapable of being cured.

Inflexible: incapable of change.

Unquestionable: incapable of being questioned.

Unthinkable: incapable of being conceived or considered.

Incorruptible: incapable of being morally corrupted.

Disconsolate: sad beyond comforting; incapable of being consoled.

Indissoluble: (of a substance) incapable of being dissolved.

Indefensible: incapable of being justified or explained.

Incontestable: incapable of being contested or disputed.

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