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1. Infernal : جہنمی : (Noun) An inhabitant of Hell.

His roar made the infernals quake.

Dead Person, Dead Soul, Deceased, Deceased Person, Decedent, Departed - someone who is no longer alive.

2. Infernal, Demonic, Diabolic, Diabolical, Fiendish, Hellish, Satanic, Unholy : شیطانی : Extremely evil or cruel; expressive of cruelty or befitting hell.

Something demonic in him--something that could be cruel.
Fires lit up a diabolic scene.+ More

Evil - morally bad or wrong.

3. Infernal, Blame, Blamed, Blasted, Blessed, Damn, Damned, Darned, Deuced, Goddam, Goddamn, Goddamned : بے حد - انتہائی : Expletives used informally as intensifiers.

He`s a blasted idiot.
A blame cold winter.+ More

Cursed, Curst - deserving a curse; sometimes used as an intensifier.

Befitting - موزوں - appropriate to; "behavior befitting a father".

Barbarous, Brutal, Cruel, Fell, Roughshod, Savage, Vicious - ظالمانہ - (of persons or their actions) able or disposed to inflict pain or suffering; "brutal beatings".

Cruelty, Inhuman Treatment - ظلم و ستم - a cruel act; a deliberate infliction of pain and suffering.

Evil, Immorality, Iniquity, Wickedness - بدکرداری - morally objectionable behavior.

Expressive - ترجمانی کرنے والا - characterized by expression; "a very expressive face".

Exceedingly, Extremely, Passing, Super - انتہائی - to an extreme degree; "extremely cold".

Hades, Hell, Infernal Region, Netherworld, Scheol, Underworld - عالم برزخ - (religion) the world of the dead; "No one goes to Hades with all his immense wealth".

Denizen, Dweller, Habitant, Indweller, Inhabitant - کسی جگہ رہنے والا - a person who inhabits a particular place.

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