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اِنسانی : Insani Meaning in English

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Insani in Detail

1 of 4) انسانی : Hominal : (satellite adjective) of humankind as a species.

2 of 4) انسانی : Human : (adjective) characteristic of humanity.

3 of 4) انسانی : Humane Humanist Humanistic : (adjective) pertaining to or concerned with the humanities.

4 of 4) انسانی : Manual : (adjective) requiring human effort.

Useful Words

میٹر کا دس ارب واں حصہ : A : a metric unit of length equal to one ten billionth of a meter (or 0.0001 micron); used to specify wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation.

خصوصیت : Characteristic : feature commonly denotes a standout or unique attribute, trait, or property of a subject or individual. It may also point to a particular component or facet within a broader context, like a landscape feature, a cinematic feature film, or a magazine feature article. Features often serve as noteworthy, meaningful, or defining characteristics in the subject under consideration. "Whatsapp added new features last week".

انسانیت : Humanity : the quality of being humane.

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