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Insuperable meaning in Urdu

Insuperable Sentence

Insuperable odds.

Insuperable Synonyms

Insuperable in Detail

1 of 2) Insuperable, Insurmountable : ناقابل عبور, قابو سے باہر, ناقابل کنٹرول : (satellite adjective) impossible to surmount.

Related : Unconquerable : not capable of being conquered or vanquished or overcome.

2 of 2) Insuperable, Unconquerable : جس پر قابو نہ پایا جا سکے : (satellite adjective) incapable of being surmounted or excelled.

Insuperable heroes.

Useful Words

Impossible : ناممکن : something that cannot be done. "This is impossible".

Incapable : قابل نہ ہونا : (followed by `of') lacking capacity or ability. "Incapable of carrying a tune".

Get Over, Master, Overcome, Subdue, Surmount : سبقت لے جانا : get on top of; deal with successfully. "He overcame his shyness".

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