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Interpolation 🔊 Meaning in Urdu

Interpolation in Sentence

With the help of his friend`s interpolations his story was eventually told.

Interpolation Synonyms

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Interpolation in Detail

1. تحریف Threef : Insertion, Interpolation : (noun) a message (spoken or written) that is introduced or inserted.

With the help of his friend`s interpolations his story was eventually told.

2. ملاوٹ Milaawat : Interjection, Interpellation, Interposition, Interpolation : (noun) the action of interjecting or interposing an action or remark that interrupts.

Related : Interruption : an act of delaying or interrupting the continuity.

Interpolation in Book Titles

Interpolation and Approximation.
Interpolation of Functions.
Interpolation and Approximation by Polynomials.

Useful Words

Action : فعل Fail : something done (usually as opposed to something said). "There were stories of murders and other unnatural actions"

Break Up - Cut Off - Disrupt - Interrupt : روکنا Rokna : make a break in. "We interrupt the program for the following messages"

Message : پیغام بھیجنا Paigham Behjna : send a message to. "She messaged the committee"

Mention - Note - Observe - Remark : غور کرنا Ghor Karna : make mention of. "She observed that his presentation took up too much time"

Spoken : زبانی Zubaani : uttered through the medium of speech or characterized by speech; sometimes used in combination. "A spoken message"

Written : لکھا ہوا Likha Huwa : set down in writing in any of various ways. "Miss, what is written here?"