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اِقرار : Iqrar Meaning in English

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1 of 3) توثیق تصدیق اقرار : Affirmation Avouchment Avowal : (noun) a statement asserting the existence or the truth of something.

2 of 3) وعدہ اقرار عہد : Promise : (noun) a verbal commitment by one person to another agreeing to do (or not to do) something in the future.

3 of 3) اقرار اعتراف : Acknowledgement Acknowledgment : (noun) a statement acknowledging something or someone.

Useful Words

تسلیم کرنے کا عمل : Acknowledgement , خود اعتماد : Assertive , عالم : Cosmos , اعلانیہ : Asserting , وجود : Being , عمل توثیق : Affirmation , حقیقت : The True , حقیقت میں : In Truth , صداقت : Truth , حساب کا پرچہ : Account , جاپانی تنظیم : Aum , کڑوا سچ : Home Truth , نیم سچ : Half-Truth , ناقابل بحث سچ : Gospel , کسی اور : Another , ثابت قدمی : Commitment , کرنا : Do , آنے والا وقت : Future , نہیں : Non , ایک : 1 , شخص : Individual , کوئی چیز : Something , زبانی : Verbal

Useful Words Definitions

Acknowledgement: the state or quality of being recognized or acknowledged.

Assertive: aggressively self-assured.

Cosmos: everything that exists anywhere.

Asserting: relating to the use of or having the nature of a declaration.

Being: the state or fact of existing.

Affirmation: the act of affirming or asserting or stating something.

The True: conformity to reality or actuality.

In Truth: in fact (used as intensifiers or sentence modifiers).

Truth: a fact that has been verified.

Account: a statement of recent transactions and the resulting balance.

Aum: a terrorist organization whose goal is to take over Japan and then the world; based on a religion founded in 1987 that combines elements of Buddhism with Christianity.

Home Truth: an important truth that is unpleasant to acknowledge (as about yourself).

Half-Truth: a partially true statement intended to deceive or mislead.

Gospel: an unquestionable truth.

Another: any of various alternatives; some other.

Commitment: the trait of sincere and steadfast fixity of purpose.

Do: carry out or perform an action.

Future: the time yet to come.

Non: negation of a word or group of words.

1: used of a single unit or thing; not two or more.

Individual: a human being.

Something: An undetermined or unspecified thing.

Verbal: communicated in the form of words.

Related Words

رسید : Receipt , سلام : Greeting , مصافحہ : Handclasp , معافی : Apology , تعزیت : Commiseration , دعوی : Assertion , دوبارہ حتمی طور سے کہنا : Reaffirmation , اقراری : Affirmative , قسم : Oath , وعدہ : Parole , منگنی : Betrothal , بعد کے کسی وقت کے لیے دی گئی دعوت : Rain Check

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