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Iterate   Meaning in Urdu

1. Iterate - Ingeminate - Reiterate - Repeat - Restate - Retell : دوبارہ کہنا - دہرانا : (verb) to say, state, or perform again.

Tell - let something be known.

2. Iterate : دوبارہ ادا کرنا : (verb) run or be performed again.

The function iterates.

Math, Mathematics, Maths - a science (or group of related sciences) dealing with the logic of quantity and shape and arrangement.

Useful Words

Again - Once Again - Once More - Over Again : دوبارہ : anew. "Mustafa Kamal got duped again"

Do - Execute - Perform : کرنا : carry out or perform an action. "I did it in a flash"

Run : بھاگنا : move fast by using one`s feet, with one foot off the ground at any given time. "Where will we escape ?"