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Iterate meaning in Urdu

Iterate Sentence

The function iterates.

Iterate Synonyms


Iterate Definitions

2 of 2) Iterate : دوبارہ ادا کرنا : (verb) run or be performed again.

Useful Words

Recognisance : پہچان , Repertoire : نمائش , Smart Card : ایک قسم کا کارڈ , Regurgitate : دہرانا , Cite : دہرانا , Ditto : دہرانا , Recite : پڑھنا , Recapitulate : دہرانا , Call Back : دوبارہ فون کرنا , Reecho : گونجنا , Act : کام کرنا , Run : چلانا , Ca : کیلیفونیا , Ak : امریکی ریاست الاسکا , Double : دہرانا , Do One's Best : اچھے سے اچھا کرنا , Commit : کرنا , Reenact : دوبارہ وضع کرنا , Ad-Lib : تیاری کے بغیر کوئی کام کرنا , Accompany : مل کر گانا , Divide : تقسیم کرنا , Form : اچھا کام کرنے کی صلاحیت , Operate : جراحی کرنا , Trance : مدہوشی , Bluegrass State : کینٹوکی , Homelessness : بے گھری , Function : کام کرنا , Act : فلم میں کام کرنا , Duet : دو گانے والے , Inability : بے اختیاری , Scamp : جلدبازی کرنا

Useful Words Definitions

Recognisance: (law) a security entered into before a court with a condition to perform some act required by law; on failure to perform that act a sum is forfeited.

Repertoire: a collection of works (plays, songs, operas, ballets) that an artist or company can perform and do perform for short intervals on a regular schedule.

Smart Card: a plastic card containing a microprocessor that enables the holder to perform operations requiring data that is stored in the microprocessor; typically used to perform financial transactions.

Regurgitate: repeat after memorization.

Cite: repeat a passage from.

Ditto: repeat an action or statement.

Recite: repeat aloud from memory.

Recapitulate: repeat an earlier theme of a composition.

Call Back: return or repeat a telephone call.

Reecho: repeat or return an echo again or repeatedly; send (an echo) back.

Act: perform an action, or work out or perform (an action).

Run: cause to perform.

Ca: a state in the western United States on the Pacific; the 3rd largest state; known for earthquakes.

Ak: a state in northwestern North America; the 49th state admitted to the union.

Double: make or do or perform again.

Do One's Best: perform a task as well as possible.

Commit: engage in or perform.

Reenact: enact or perform again.

Ad-Lib: perform without preparation.

Accompany: perform an accompaniment to.

Divide: perform a division.

Form: an ability to perform well.

Operate: perform surgery on.

Trance: a state of mind in which consciousness is fragile and voluntary action is poor or missing; a state resembling deep sleep.

Bluegrass State: a state in east central United States; a border state during the American Civil War; famous for breeding race horses.

Homelessness: the state or condition of having no home (especially the state of living in the streets).

Function: perform as expected when applied.

Act: perform on a stage or theater.

Duet: two performers or singers who perform together.

Inability: lacking the power to perform.

Scamp: perform hastily and carelessly.

Related Words

Math : حساب , Computer Science : کمپیوٹرکی سائنس , Recur : دوبارہ ہونا , Tell : کہنا , Interpret : ترجمہ کرنا , Paraphrase : تشریح کرنا , Resume : خلاصہ کرنا

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