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اظہار پسندی : Izhar Pasandi Meaning in English

Izhar Pasandi in Detail

1) اظہار پسندی : Demonstrativeness : (noun) tending to express your feelings freely.


Useful Words

آزادانہ طور سے : Freely , تیار ہونا : Apt , جذبات : Feelings , ظاہر کرنا : Carry , ہنسنا : Express Joy , پبلک ٹرانسپورٹ : Express , ڈاک کا ایک نظام : Pony Express , احساس : Feeling

Useful Words Definitions

Freely: in a free manner.

Apt: (usually followed by `to') naturally disposed toward.

Feelings: emotional or moral sensitivity (especially in relation to personal principles or dignity).

Carry: serve as a means for expressing something.

Express Joy: produce laughter.

Express: public transport consisting of a fast train or bus that makes only a few scheduled stops.

Pony Express: express mail carried by relays of riders on horseback; especially between Missouri and California around 1860.

Feeling: the experiencing of affective and emotional states.

Related Words

جذباتی کیفیت : Emotionalism

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