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عِزَّت : Izzat Meaning in English

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1 of 4) عزت : Esteem Regard Respect : (noun) the condition of being honored (esteemed or respected or well regarded).

Related : Laurels : the state of being honored. Stature : high level of respect gained by impressive development or achievement.


2 of 4) تعظیم مشہوری شہرت : Celebrity Fame Renown : (noun) the state or quality of being widely honored and acclaimed.

Related : Laurels : the state of being honored.

3 of 4) تعظیم احترام عزت : Adoration Worship : (noun) a feeling of profound love and admiration.

Related : Love : a strong positive emotion of regard and affection.

4 of 4) عزت وقار : Glorification Glory : (noun) a state of high honor.

Related : Laurels : the state of being honored.

Useful Words

قدر کرنا : Esteem, Prise, Prize, Respect, Value : regard highly; think much of. "I respect his judgement".

شان : Dignity, Self-Regard, Self-Respect, Self-Worth : the quality of being worthy of esteem or respect. "You are qn educated guy so don`t lose your dignity by fighting with bully".

خطاب : Form Of Address, Title, Title Of Respect : an identifying appellation signifying status or function: e.g. `Mr.' or `General'. "The professor didn't like his friends to use his formal title".

معیار کے مطابق ہونے کی منظوری : Accreditation : the act of granting credit or recognition (especially with respect to educational institution that maintains suitable standards). "A commission is responsible for the accreditation of medical schools in London".

سماعت کے اعتبار سے : Acoustically : with respect to acoustics. "Acoustically ill-equipped studios".

مشابہت : Analogy : drawing a comparison in order to show a similarity in some respect. "The operation of a computer presents and interesting analogy to the working of the brain".

خوشامدی : Apple Polisher, Bootlicker, Fawner, Groveler, Groveller, Truckler : someone who humbles himself as a sign of respect; who behaves as if he had no self-respect. "Bootlicker journalist".

اندازہ : Appraisal, Assessment : the classification of someone or something with respect to its worth. "Appraisal cost calculator".

حسابی طریقے سے : Arithmetically : with respect to arithmetic. "This problem is arithmetically easy".

بنیادی طور پر : As Such, In And Of Itself, Intrinsically, Per Se : with respect to its inherent nature. "This statement is interesting in and of itself".

بالکل : At All, In The Least, The Least Bit : in the slightest degree or in any respect. "He has no shame at all".

لحاظ : Awe, Fear, Reverence, Veneration : a feeling of profound respect for someone or something. "The fear of God".

رعب زدہ : Awed, Awestricken, Awestruck : having or showing a feeling of mixed reverence and respect and wonder and dread. "Stood in awed silence before the shrine".

محوری طور پر : Axially : with respect to an axis. "The jet was directed axially toward the cathode".

دو خطی : Bilinear : linear with respect to each of two variables or positions.

بدلا : Changed : made or become different in some respect. "He's an altered (or changed) man since his election to Congress".

تاریخ وارانہ طورپر : Chronologically : with respect to chronology. "He is chronologically older".

موسمی لحاظ سے : Climatically : with respect to climate. "They were used to a climatically different environment".

رواداری : Comity : a state or atmosphere of harmony or mutual civility and respect.

بین الاقوامی رواداری : Comity Of Nations : courteous respect by one nation for the laws and institutions of another.

ایک جیسا : Comparable, Corresponding, Like : conforming in every respect. "Boxes with corresponding dimensions".

ایک جیسی : Comparable With : similar in some respect and so able to be compared in order to show differences and similarities. "Pianists of comparable ability".

مکمل : Complete, Consummate : perfect and complete in every respect; having all necessary qualities. "A complete gentleman".

عزت کرنا : Compliment : express respect or esteem for.

حقارت : Contempt, Despite, Disdain, Scorn : lack of respect accompanied by a feeling of intense dislike. "He was held in contempt".

حقارت سے : Contemptuously, Contumeliously, Disdainfully, Scornfully : without respect; in a disdainful manner. "He looked at me scornfully".

آداب : Devoir : formal expression of respect.

بے عزتی : Discourtesy, Disrespect : an expression of lack of respect. "When did i disrespect you?".

بے قدری : Disesteem, Disrespect : have little or no respect for; hold in contempt.

ذلت آمیزی : Dishonorableness, Dishonourableness : the quality of not deserving honor or respect.

عدم مساوات : Disparity : inequality or difference in some respect.