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جادوگر : Jadogar Meaning in English

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Jadogar in Detail

1 of 3) جن اتارنے والا جادوگر : Exorciser Exorcist : (noun) someone who practices exorcism.

Related : Wizard : one who practices magic or sorcery.


2 of 3) ساحر جادوگر : Warlock : (noun) a male witch or demon.

Related : Witch : a being (usually female) imagined to have special powers derived from the devil.

3 of 3) جادوگر : Magician Necromancer Sorcerer Thaumaturge Thaumaturgist Wizard : (noun) one who practices magic or sorcery.

Related : Enchanter : a sorcerer or magician. Exorcist : someone who practices exorcism. Occultist : a believer in occultism; someone versed in the occult arts.

Useful Words

جادو گر : Conjure Man, Conjurer, Conjuror : a witch doctor who practices conjury.

جادو گر : Enchanter : a sorcerer or magician.

جادو گرنی : Enchantress, Witch : a female sorcerer or magician. "The stereotypical witches are commonly portrayed as wicked old women who have wrinkled skin".

جادو گرنی عورت : Pythoness : a witch with powers of divination.

جادو کی چھڑی : Wand : a rod used by a magician or water diviner.

پت جھاڑ کی جھاڑی اور چھوٹے درخت : Genus Hamamelis, Hamamelis : deciduous shrubs or small trees: witch hazel.

اشراق کا ماہر : Mind Reader, Telepathist, Thought-Reader : a magician who seems to discern the thoughts of another person (usually by clever signals from an accomplice).

امریکی جادو گر : Erik Weisz, Harry Houdini, Houdini : United States magician (born in Hungary) famous for his ability to escape from chains or handcuffs or straitjackets or padlocked containers (1874-1926).

ضیا پیمائی کرنے والا : Photometrician, Photometrist : someone who practices photometry.

پانی سے شگون لینے والا : Hydromancer : one who practices hydromancy.

پیشہ ور طبیب : Practician, Practitioner : someone who practices a learned profession.

کسی بھی کام میں بے پناہ مہارت : Medical Specialist, Specialist : practices one branch of medicine.

بگاڑنے والا : Corrupting : seducing into corrupt practices.

مشت زن : Masturbator, Onanist : a person who practices masturbation.

ایک جیون ساتھی پر یقین رکھنے والا : Monogamist, Monogynist : someone who practices monogamy (one spouse at a time).

کیتہولک عیسائیت : Catholicism, Catholicity : the beliefs and practices of a Catholic Church.

جانوروں کا ڈاکٹر : Vet, Veterinarian, Veterinary, Veterinary Surgeon : a doctor who practices veterinary medicine. "He is veterinary".

مجتنب : Abstainer, Ascetic : someone who practices self denial as a spiritual discipline.

میراث : Heritage : practices that are handed down from the past by tradition. "A heritage of freedom".

جادو گر ؛ سیانا؛ ساحر؛ حضراتی : Necromancer : one who practices divination by conjuring up the dead.

دست کار : Artificer, Artisan, Craftsman, Journeyman : a skilled worker who practices some trade or handicraft.

روایت پرستانہ : Traditionalistic : adhering to tradition especially in cultural or religious practices.

جدت پسندی : Modernism : practices typical of contemporary life or thought.

متحمل : Tolerant : showing respect for the rights or opinions or practices of others.

علم کتب داری : Library Science : the study of the principles and practices of library administration.

خانقابی : Cenobitic, Cenobitical, Coenobitic, Coenobitical : of or relating to or befitting cenobites or their practices of communal living.

مزاحمت فروخت : Sales Resistance : resistance by potential customers to aggressive selling practices.

رومی کیتہولک عیسائی فرقہ : Papism, Roman Catholicism, Romanism : the beliefs and practices of the Catholic Church based in Rome.

ایک ہی مسلک کو مانے والے : Cult : followers of an exclusive system of religious beliefs and practices.

دیہاتی علاقہ کا ڈاکٹر : Country Doctor : a doctor who practices in the country (rather than in a city) usually remote from a modern hospital. "Do country doctors still make house calls?".

فالتو لوگوں کو نکالنا : Housecleaning : (figurative) the act of reforming by the removal of unwanted personnel or practices or conditions. "More housecleaning is in store at other accounting firms".

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