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جلدی سے : Jaldi Se Meaning in English

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1 of 4) تیزی سے جلدی سے : Apace Chop-Chop Quickly Rapidly Speedily : (adverb) with rapid movements.


2 of 4) جلدی سے بلا توقف فوراً : Promptly Quick Quickly : (adverb) with little or no delay.

3 of 4) جلدی سے آسانی سے فوراً : Readily : (adverb) without much difficulty.

4 of 4) جلدی سے قبل از وقت : Prematurely Untimely : (adverb) too soon; in a premature manner.

Useful Words

سرسری طور پر : Cursorily, Quickly : without taking pains. "He looked cursorily through the magazine".

اچانک : Abruptly, Dead, Short, Suddenly : quickly and without warning. "He stopped suddenly".

تیزی سے پھیلنے والا : Aggressive, Fast-Growing, Strong-Growing : tending to spread quickly. "An aggressive tumor".

چست : Agile, Nimble, Quick, Spry : moving quickly and lightly. "The wrestler was so agile".

موسیقی کو مہارت اور پھرتی کے ساتھ ترتیب دینے کا عمل : Allegro : a musical composition or musical passage to be performed quickly in a brisk lively manner.

جلدی جلدی کھانا : Bolt Down, Garbage Down, Gobble Up, Shovel In : eat a large amount of food quickly. "The children gobbled down most of the birthday cake".

تیزی سے حرکت کرنا : Buck, Charge, Shoot, Shoot Down, Tear : move quickly and violently. "The car tore down the street".

تھوڑی دیر کے لئے کوئی ضروری چیز پانا : Catch : get or regain something necessary, usually quickly or briefly. "Catch some sleep".

کم قیمت : Catchpenny : designed to sell quickly without concern for quality. "Catchpenny ornaments".

چئنیز چاول : Chinese Fried Rice, Fried Rice : boiled rice mixed with scallions and minced pork or shrimp and quickly scrambled with eggs. "I made fried rice".

گرم دماغ : Choleric, Hot-Tempered, Hotheaded, Irascible, Quick-Tempered, Short-Tempered : quickly aroused to anger. "A choleric speaker".

تیزی سے دوڑنا : Dart, Dash, Flash, Scoot, Scud, Shoot : run or move very quickly or hastily. "He had to dart at airport".

جلدی سے لکھنا : Dash Off, Fling Off, Knock Off, Scratch Off, Toss Off : write quickly. "She dashed off a note to her husband saying she would not be home for supper".

بھردینا : Deluge, Flood, Inundate, Swamp : fill quickly beyond capacity; as with a liquid. "The basement was inundated after the storm".

جلدی سے جھکانا : Douse : lower quickly. "Douse a sail".

آرام سے سوکھنے والا جس پر استری کی ضرورت نا ہو : Drip-Dry, Wash-And-Wear : treated so as to be easily or quickly washed and dried and requiring little or no ironing. "A wash-and-wear shirt".

تیزی سے : Fast : acting or moving or capable of acting or moving quickly. "Now get well fast".

تیار شدہ فوری کھانا : Fast Food : inexpensive food (hamburgers or chicken or milkshakes) prepared and served quickly. "Fast food is not good for health".

تیزی سے : Faster, Quicker : more quickly.

بہت زیادہ تیز : Fastest, Quickest : most quickly.

بھاگنا : Flee, Fly, Take Flight : run away quickly. "Junaid had to flee the country because he was working with law enforcement and political parties at the same time".

تیز ی سے حرکت کرنا : Fly : move quickly or suddenly. "He flew about the place".

تیزی سے حرکت کرنا : Fly By, Whisk By, Zip By : move by very quickly.

بھاگ نکلنا : Get Off, Hop Out : get out of quickly. "The officer hopped out when he spotted an illegally parked car".

گہومنا : Gyrate, Reel, Spin, Spin Around, Whirl : revolve quickly and repeatedly around one's own axis. "The dervishes whirl around and around without getting dizzy".

تیزی سے دوڑنا : Hare : run quickly, like a hare. "He hared down the hill".

جلدی بننے والا حلوہ : Hasty Pudding : sweetened porridge made of tapioca or flour or oatmeal cooked quickly in milk or water.

ہچکچانے والا : Hesitant, Hesitating : lacking decisiveness of character; unable to act or decide quickly or firmly. "He doesn`t get the job because he lose his confidence and is also hesitant during the interview".

تیز حرکتی : Hurried : moving rapidly or performed quickly or in great haste. "A hurried trip to the store".

اچانک چھوڑ جانا : Pop Off : leave quickly.

چربی ڈال کر پکایا ہوا : Saute, Sauteed : fried quickly in a little fat.

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