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جعلی سکّہ : Jali Sikka Meaning in English

Jali Sikka in Detail

1) جعلی سکہ : Slug : (noun) a counterfeit coin.


Useful Words

جعلی : Counterfeit , بندوق کی گولی : Bullet , سکہ : Coin , سکہ ڈالنے والا کھانچا : Coin Slot , سکے جمع کرنے والا : Coin Collector , سکے جمع کرنے کا علم : Coin Collecting , تجوری : Bank , سکے سے چلنے والی مشین : Coin-Operated

Useful Words Definitions

Counterfeit: not genuine; imitating something superior.

Bullet: a projectile that is fired from a gun.

Coin: a flat metal piece (usually a disc) used as money.

Coin Slot: a slot through which coins can be inserted into a slot machine.

Coin Collector: a collector and student of money (and coins in particular).

Coin Collecting: the collection and study of money (and coins in particular).

Bank: a container (usually with a slot in the top) for keeping money at home.

Coin-Operated: of devices that do not operate without the prior insertion of one or more coins.

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